Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Keeping my lips sealed"

Jalan Kayu

Today, 19 June 2012 (Tuesday) - hi.......it's me again. this morning, I was at Jalan Kayu HDB flats and was very surprised to see that there are actually flats built here and brand new ! after that I went down to The Trizon (Ridgewood Close) where my client just got keys.

I was surprised not to see any property agents hanging around, usually there would be one or two around and today my lady client brought me nearby and have ice cream ! yummy yummy !!! Do you like ice cream ? I do ! but I like mine without the milk ! hehe.......something to do with bazi too. Today, I had raspberry sherbet ^_^ Thank you, sweetie !!! and she gave me a lovely gift too !!!

Talking about gifts - the type of gifts that I received from clients usually carry a special message from the Universe above to me.  Next time, I tell you more, ok ?

The Trizon

Singapore Feng Shui Blog Yahoo Google - Don't talk to your friends too much -
Don't tell them too many things,  you never know who can be very jealous of you and hide their jealousy away from you such that you cannot even tell.

This is particularly so when you become richer than others or more successful than others and then you find that surrounding you, your friends or relatives may not be sincere and happy for you, rather they harbor ill thoughts inside them.

If you are a good buddhist and when you see your friends or relatives are successful and you really feel very happy for them, that is creating merits as well. This is because we rejoice in others good efforts and good luck and then our own good luck will also come. Bear this in mind, ok ? Now you know why  I am always so happy for all my clients !!!

Well for me, there is something extra for me - when my clients are successful, it just speaks volumes about my skills in fengshui ! Cool !!!  Chin Swee lah !!! (hokkien for good )

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FSQ Note: when my clients speak cantonese to me, I speak cantonese and I loved it ! cause I love the dialect as I had spent a large part of my life watching cantonese drama serials !

Coming Soon : So enjoy the cantonese song by Lisa Wang in a drama serial that I lost count how many times I have watched ^_^ if I have touched your heart by playing this song, well, you know Master Lynn understands you, very very well.

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