Monday, June 11, 2012

Middle of the year, yet ?

Today, 11 June 2012 (Monday) - are you ?  We are almost halfway into the middle of the year though for lunar months we are only at the fourth.

Singapore Fengshui Blog - We have gone a bit spiritual the last few days, well it is good for the soul and for the heart. It is always good to take time to go a bit spiritual as well as to create good merits for ourselves on auspicious days.

When I went for the recitation recently, I also dedicated some merits to all of my clients as well as those who are connected to me and I wished them good health and happiness.

I am a strong believer in creating merits for ourselves as we never know when we really need some Divine help.

Thank you to many who came up to me and tell me that they read my blog and followed the tips !

Most important of all - there should be harmony at home. Peace and happiness between the couple and good health and studies for the young children in the house.

Property - Some are still buying property. Our role as a fengshui master is to help them select a good fengshui house that can last for the next few years and more, at least till period 9 Fengshui (2024 - 2043).

So when my clients ask me about the fengshui of that particular property, I usually tell them the fengshui for now in Period 8 as well as right through to Period 9 till 2043.

The Peak at To a Payoh - I have had 3 clients here already with one more to go and I particularly like the big balcony and nice master bedroom.

FSQ Note : How do you like to relax on a Sunday by the pool ? well.......I almost did ^_^

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