Monday, June 18, 2012

Mirror, Mirror, which one is the fairest of all ?

Today, 18 June 2012 (Monday) - How was your father's day celebration ? I hope it went well. Actually, what needs to be done on this day is to just remember our own father, whether or not he is around us or elsewhere. Just try to remember his kindness. I am sure that you can find just one kind thought about your own father.

The Fengshui Savy Investor Blog - thank you for over 791 viewers for yesterday alone !
I am very touched that many of you came to read my blog even on a Sunday ! I am sure you must be thinking..........Master Lynn sure must write something today because it is Father's Day !!!! hehe

Well, I did and did not let you down. haha ! I guess many of you know my style or "kuan"(pattern)  by now.

As we all know, everyone of us have our own "kuan" and it is up to anyone close to us to know and to understand our "kuan", so that there is harmony in the relationship. Just like your relationship with me as your fengshui master. And everyone of you would definitely want your sifu or master to be successful and at the Top.

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The photo above is my latest timeline cover page - I did this myself with a template. Hope you like the then Master Lynn Yap and the now ! ^_^ I don't think I change much, maybe body go "side ways" ! haha !  Got to look prosperous !!! *wink*

Sometimes,  I don't know who reads my blog, but whoever did, I hope they find it interesting and "value add"  to your lives.

FSQ NOTE 1 :  It's going to be a lovely week and every day is a new beginning. So stop complaining if you have to work long hours in the office or even on weekends. When you want to complain, ask yourself, what else can you do better in your job ? or .......start your own business and earn about the same income or more ?

Do you think you have the skill and the bazi to do it on your own and to strike it out ! all alone......... ???

Everyone of us are born equal but with different bazi which explains why we are good at somethings and not good at others. So when we are not good at this and that, we engage the experts. So you would engage the expert fengshui masters too ! ahem ! ^_^

.........but we will learn to do the things that can help us be more successful in our career, health and happiness !!!

(sometimes you may not know it, but other people envy you)


Remember : it is what we do not know around us that is scary. The TRUTH is out there somewhere. To find out, "still" your mind, don't think about anything, can or boleh ??

Don't breath and "insights" will come to you, to give you the strength and knowledge for your own assistance.

FSQ NOTE 2 : Thank you to all who sent emails to say Good Things about me. It's not me, who is good, it is my parents. They are the ones who instill in us, good family values, respect to elders and to be kind to all others, most important of all, be sincere in whatever we do.

I have a very good family education and I do hope your children too would be able to benefit from you, who are parents too  ^_^

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