Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Today and Everyday is a beautiful Day, as beautiful as you !!!

Today, 26 June 2012 (Tuesday) - Thank you for over 914 viewers yesterday. I felt so thrilled and excited as I am getting there to over 1000 viewers ^_^

Singapore Feng Shui Bog - I also hope you like the song, "Today" which I have chosen as it is a beautiful number.

Feng Shui Studies : if you wish to learn fengshui, then read every available book on fengshui both in english and mandarin. That way, you will know who write what and what.

Next is to read all available books on bazi.

Next is to read on I-Ching and study them by heart.

After reading and at the same time find a good sifu who can teach you to master the final art of fengshui. Then practice on yourself, your own house for at least 3 years before you can come out to do it full time. If you don't have your sifu's blessings then better don't come out ......yet.

Most important of all, your heart must be good and kind - Have you ever seen a fengshui master who has a bad heart ?

FSQ Photo : This photo was taken recently and hope you like this........
I usually on the YouTube music in my blog and then scroll to read my own blog and see if I can find a newer meaning to what I had written.

Try this with the song, "Today"......you will love it !!!

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