Sunday, January 15, 2012

Enjoy !

Li Chun is coming !!!!

Today, 15 January 2012 Sunday - How is your preparation in welcoming the new lunar new year of the Dragon ? Hope all is well.
I would be working on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year to "see see look look" with friends ^_^ (can consider working) and sometimes I don't know if I am working or not as I don't divide the line so straight but rather any daylight time is considered working.
Now about the 8 frozen oranges in the freezer : Question : Did it work for you last year ? if they did then replace the 8 mandarin oranges with new ones two days before chinese new year.
If not then dispose the 8 frozen oranges two or three days before the chinese new year. You can then throw them into a plastic bag and then dispose.
Thank you for many who asked me this question either through email or sms or whatsapp. Next time, either attend my talk to find out or wait till I finished my first talk at any Organisation and don't sms or impose more stress on me.
You can imagine my frustration when here I was working on my slides to make sure that what I predict are "chun" "chun" and not just "chun" and then someone would sms or whatsapp me to ask about the oranges !!! Arrgh !!! and then my buddhist teachings would come in !!! cool down, Lynn.
Then in my talks I predict about Gold and someone who never attended my talk email asking : What about silver ? Arrrgh !!! I choose not to reply. Any questions you want to know, ask me at the talks and after the talks, I would not want to reply any of these. I am going to work (check fs and do annual reviews or life readings) and take a short break.
Thank you and have a Great Lunar New Year 2012 !!! For those who attended my 3 talks (I have turned down a few) I have given 2 more fengshui tips !!! it's to thank you for taking the trouble to come and listen to me and to go home armed with Great , Good Fortune !!!! Then.......... come again in 2013, ok ??? See you !!!