Thursday, April 26, 2012

"just sharing"

A green frog wallet ? you must be kidding !!!

Today, 26 April 2012 (Thursday) - Hi ! how is work this week ? .......shoo......don't have to tell anyone.

Singapore Fengshui Blog Master Lynn Yap - Someone asked me many years ago while preparing to do our brand strategy and asked : Are you more popular and famous as "Lynn Yap" or as "Fengshui Queen" hmmm............some 15 years later,  the name, "Lynn Yap" is still more popular than "Fengshui Queen, Singapore".  I would say that I prefer to keep it "low profile" cause "that will do".

Fengshui Tip: This tip is for those who really really want to grow their luck at no matter what cost and fast ! then what must one do ? reply for you :
1) Carry a green frog soft wallet in your handbag or in your deep pockets and watch the results.

And if you think this is superstitious, then why not you try this and see for yourself how "xuan" this thing called "Feng" "Shui" is ! ^_^

FSQ Note: If you think my fengshui tip is very "unique" and sometimes "strange". Then ask yourself why so many people like to read about fengshui from me  (550viewers, daily) or even to follow my tip like: wearing red and going to the bank on 4 February (Li Chun) !!!! I am the one who started all of this ^_^

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