Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Enjoy !

"Resting your mind & body"

Today, 30 May 2012 (Wednesday) - It's mid week and I am sure many are really very very busy at work.

Today, my client bought me Japanese lunch at Nadaman at Shangrila Hotel, thank you very much. Yes, sometimes my clients like to do their annual reviews over lunch or rather after we had lunch and I would allow them to buy me lunch as it means that : whatever good deeds that I do henceforth my clients would also benefit. However, my schedule is usually very very packed and only in middle of the year then I have the time for a 3 hour lunch.

However,  do remember to take a break and rest your mind and your body. For me, I meditate every morning for about 15mins (energy for the mind) before I go for work and as for the body, I would go to Kenko for my regular body or foot massages and sometimes I would go to the one at Ang Mo Kio for a tunia (this one, my lady client recommended)

I do hope that you would do the same. If you are my life reading clients, you would know that I do recommend this to some whose bazi needed some help for good health and long life.

Bascially, I am known to be a very generous person who care and I would usually try my level best to help - be it in having more sales or to help in having good health or even how to have harmony between a couple like : not having expectations on the husband as this can cause a lot of conflict between couples.

For example: the wife comes home from work and she has to do some housework or looking after her child and she finds it very tiring while the husband just sit and watch television and couldn't offer any help.

In this instance, the wife would start to get mad and very upset as she is wondering why she should be the one looking after the child and why not him ? This is because the child is still a baby and some husband's bazi do not know how to care for a baby but CAN care for a child, only when the child grows older, then the husband can help.

I explained this to the couple and I hope the couple can understand these and help build a better relationship.

Singapore Fengshui Blog - Any person who does the job of feng shui would usually find that the "Earth Qi" would tend to zap up the Master's "Personal Qi".

The Fengshui Savy Investor Blog - Thanks to over 898 readers yesterday alone. Wowie. You got me hooked too !!! many times you come to read my blog huh ?

FSQ Photo: What is so special about this photo is the pair of new earrings given to me by a young child  on Mother's Day. It is not very expensive but I wear it occasionally as it is the thought that counts, that really thrills.  This photo is to show my appreciation.  In life, we have to learn how to appreciate other's kindness then the good fortune can come, please remember that and practice.

When you can see purple color on the hair under sunlight, it means that the person is "spiritual" while if it is green, it means "healing". what is your color ? red ? ^_^

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

7 pointers to bring in, Good Luck !!!

7 Pointers to bring in Good Luck -

1) Buy 3 green big lime, size of 50 cents coin and cut them into half and then squeeze the juices into a cup, add a bit of water and then drink (this cleanses the body qi). Then use the 6 halves to scrub the face, neck, shoulders, body, hands and legs. Do this twice a week if the negative energy stays.

2) Take vegetarian food for 3 days in a row.

3) Do an online donation about US$50 or US$100/- or donate anywhere will do.

4) Meditate every morning for 20 mins before you go out to work or do anything.

5) Call your friend whose bazi can bring you good luck and meet that person for lunch or a meeting so that after meeting that person, your luck can change.

6) Remove that mole on the face or on your body to have improved luck.

7) On any single day when you wish for More Good Luck, just have a very light breakfast and don't take any lunch nor dinner till you close your deal.

Blog Viewership - Thank you to over 700 readers who come here daily to read this blog.

FSQ Singapore Feng Shui Note - If you do not believe, try these out for a week then wait for the results.

My family & I wish one and all, GOOD LUCK, always !!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

How is your "Face Qi" ?

Today, 25 May 2012 (Friday) - How are you getting on in the year of the Dragon ? ................I hope all of you are fine and well.

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Today, I had an interesting client who laughed at us taking photos of ourselves so as to check our "Face Qi".  Well, the above photo was taken yesterday and I think my "Face Qi" is looking quite good and yes, I am rather busy.

Fengshui Queen Singapore Story - Many of the clients who came to me, some of them have problem finding their Mr Right or Miss Right.  Maybe words go around that their friends told them that Master Lynn can tell which animal signs he is suppose to be born, what career he is doing and when then he can APPEAR and what to wear or to do to attract the men to come into our lives faster ! ^_^

Usually I explained that - everything has its time and place and it has to be the right timing.

Yes, I do this for singles plus a lot more in a "Destiny Reading". We cover colors to wear for clothes and what sort of Jewellery to wear for added Good Luck  and more.  I usually have a lot of solutions for many issues.

Pageviews yesterday - 752 (wow)

Fengshui Queen SG Tip - The sound of water, the sound of metal wind chime, the sound of soothing music are all stirrers of "the flow of Qi" in the whole house. My favorite is "the sound of water "as it can tell me how the Qi is flowing in their houses or offices that I had visited.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"How do I know if he is the right one for me?"

Today, 22 May 2012 (Tuesday) - How is your day ? Hope you are fine ^_^

Singapore Fengshui Blog  Yahoo - How's your relationship with your boyfriends/spouses ? I mean the fengshui part. There was a lady who came for a life reading and asking about "love and relationship". I thought is an interesting topic to write since I ran out of stories to tell here in my blog ;)))

Well, she asked during her consultation : "how do we know if he is the right one for me ?" She caught me by surprise and I happily relate to her a story about my girlfriend who was 10 years older than her spouse.

 I was curious when I first learnt that her husband was so much younger and so I asked : "Why did you  marry him ?" she replied that both of them have "telepathy" which means that : she can sense that he is thinking of her and he too can sense it when she is thinking of him. I nodded and agreed that : that should be the way.

Many people have not gone spiritual so they might know this or how to "feel" this. Not to worry.

Actually, let me tell you, there is no need for you to go spiritual - in order to "sense" him thinking of you and vice versa.

Do you want to try and test this out ? or perhaps you already know.

You can read more about "telepathy" here

The other advice that I gave was : 
Find out if good things happen when this person is around you or negative things happen when this person is around.

If he brings you Good Luck then good things can always happen. However, negative things can also happen to you when this person is around you and do not bring you any luck. You will need to be very observant on this.

The worst match is the couple's year of birth clashes and their time of birth also clashes. The relationship can be pretty bad.

If you are new to fengshui and bazi readings and want to know how to select him or her, try these two methods. However, most of all, LOVE has to be there, without love, the relationship may find it very difficult to withstand the element of time.

Certain timing, the man or the woman may have "tau hua"(romance) then what happens ? when the couple has years of history between them and deeply in love (bazi match to be husband and wife) then this relationship will last and they can pull through the "tau hua" period.

Pageviews Yesterday - 770

Photo: shows one of the condo in Geylang where I went to recently. It was such a hot day and so I took shelter here and click this. Hope you like it. I may not have the training to be artistic but I think I got some genes (bazi) to be one ^_^

Saturday, May 19, 2012

What is your relationship with money ?

Today, 19 May 2012 (Saturday) - Just got home from work. I don't know about other masters but my weekends are usually packed with work.

Singapore Fengshui Blog Yahoo - Photo shows the big balcony at The Peak, Toa Payoh. I like houses with big balcony and best if one can walk from the bedrooms to the balcony at the living room ! Lovely ! my shoebox condo, got this but the balcony is rather small. I can visualize myself sipping my red wine, Merlot and sitting there and watching the day go by.........that's why I buy.

A Fengshui Queen Singapore Story - I think many liked my little story on fengshui but I am someone who is quite quiet most of time and when asked then will speak. Unless I am curious then I would start asking questions till I understood. Most of the time, clients only need to tell me a little information and then I can zoom into their problem or issues and then help them solve. This has always been my speciality - solving problems relating to destiny and fengshui.

Today, I want to share with you about - your relationship with money.  How many of us can carry say S$5000/- cash and won't blink an eyelid ? and walk around the city as though nothing had happened. If you can, you are very good, however if you can't .............Ah this is a problem.

There was a time when I was doing "destiny reading" and this lady said she wanted to have lots and lots of money. I looked at her bazi, she has 1 money element and so I advise her to start carrying S$500/- cash in the zip of her handbag. She was shocked ! she asked again, "S$500/- so much ?"   I replied "yes, so much but it is actually not a lot".

She then shared with me that she was afraid that the money would be lost or forgotten. At this point, I laughed and replied : you will need to count money, real cash every night  before you go to bed that way you can get a "good relationship with money" and is not afraid of losing them. you need to.

One need to learn to "let go of money" too as when one is growing their wealth as this is part and parcel of "destiny cycle" where the concept of - "when money has to come to you in that year, it will just come so there is no need to make special effort to want to have more money".

However if the wealth area of your house is activated then more money can come, that's all and more frequent too. It all depends on the speed of the pump that is pumping the water out and into your house ^_^

Someone ever told me that - if on a certain day he has collected a lot of cash then suddenly more cash come in for him and he was afraid that he might lose the cash and therefore the next morning, he would quickly bank them in.

There is a fengshui secret here - Want to know ? you would remember that I ever said that - when there is money in your bank or handbag, it will attract more money to come to you. So, better to bank in some and keep some cash still in the bag, not yet bank in (provided these money are yours ok !) then wait for more money to come then bank in the older cash and keep the new cash.

FSQ Note: Sometimes in our lives, we kenna fine or we dropped money or sometimes, people underpaid us, we must learn to let go and not force it, if it is not too much.

Have a great weekend !!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

You are beautiful, that's Sheng Chi !!!

Today, 18 May 2012 (Friday) - It's TGIF !

Yahoo Singapore Feng Shui Blog - This sculpture is taken at The Peak, Lorong 1A Toa Payoh where I had 3 invitations.

A Fengshui Queen Singapore Story - There was a lady who came to visit me for a destiny reading and she told me about her house fengshui and how it had affected her. She came to consult what compass directions she should buy in order to give her good health and wealth. I told her.

She shared her story about her house fengshui - It was located on the 3rd floor and in front of her house was the tree trunk which looked ugly and scary and behind her house where the kitchen was, were also trunks of tall trees which though provide shade to her house but was not very nice looking either.

In fengshui, we are taught that nice, beautiful looking things are known as "Sheng Chi" while the not so nice looking things are known as "Sha Chi".

This single lady moved into the house but had gone for a few operations until she could not take it anymore and search the internet for a fengshui master and found me. I was pleasantly surprised that she came for a reading and consultation. Now, she is looking for her new house and I wish her all the luck !!!

The morale of the fengshui story is - Look at what is directly facing the house's "main door "as that can affect your fortune, health etc.

Investment : As I was writing this blog, someone just text me asking if now is the right time to buy gold since gold has dropped to the level of US1550/- per once. I replied to wait as it will drop further, however if you do feel that it is the right timing for you, go as you wish.

Earlier this year, I told my Senior Relationship Manager that I will go in once gold enters US$1100/- and he asked "so low" ? my reply to him was "Yes".  Then last week I met a businessman and I asked him do you think gold will drop further and he gave me his reply and clicked at the same level that I told my RM.

This time, if we enter, I will know............we are going for "show hand" ^_^

I want to buy when gold is at the lowest level like when I bought my first BMW 3 series (2006) at slightly over  a S$100k and sold it 6 years later for a profit.  Some people can buy gold one, you know ?

My purpose why each year, I work so hard is to deliver the best and most accurate predictions so that many people can make more money for themselves. I did not ask for anything, not for fame, not for money, no, none of all these. Like I said, I made most of my money from properties and I am going for financial freedom at age 60. Are you financially free yet ?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Thank you !!!

Today, 14 May 2012 (Monday) -'s another week and how was your Sunday ? hope it was great ! for me I received this beautiful cheese cake from a young, 10 year boy currently studying at ACS who wished me Happy Mother's Day ! it wasn't the lovely cheese cake that touches my heart but the fact that this little boy saved his pocket money to buy this cake for me and his Aunt too. Thank you !

For all mothers out there, you must be very very happy on this day ^_^

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Thank you for over 584 viewers yesterday as usually I have the highest readership on weekdays than on weekends. I guess last Sunday was different. Last month, April 2012, my blog had over 18,000 viewship. I hope you will continue to come and read what I write ok ?

Fengshui Queen Singapore Tip - Wear your favorable colors everyday and you can then see the results.

FSQ Note: Thank you to all my loyal supporters especially those whom I had met in years 2000 and 2001 !!! wow, so long already, probably 12 years ago. I hope we have not aged eh ? but I have put on a lot of weight  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I love you, mum

Today, 13 May 2012 (Sunday) - is Sunday and also Happy Mother's Day. It's time again to set some time to be with our mum and to spend quality time with her. My mum was born in Indonesia and therefore I have some Indonesian blood and that also explains why some clients asked me if I am Singaporean ^_^

As usual on a Sunday, I would visit my parents at Jalan Kuras where they live. I spoke to her for a while as she always like to ask me if I have work on a Sunday and where I would be going. Sometimes she would ask so many questions at one go that really irritates me. I used to be very impatient before and couldn't stand it but as I grow older and more mature, I understand that, that was how my mum showed me that she cared.

Even till today, my brother and I would have to call her at least once a day, just to let her know that we are both alright.  Sometimes I wonder how many ladies of my age still need to call their mums every evening ?  

Well, maybe that is because we don't live next door to her but just 15 to 20 mins away by car. My brother who lives in Mimosa Terrace off Seletar Hills Estate is nearer to her than my place. This was also one of the reasons why I bought my house here to be near to my parents and my brother although at that time my dad was telling me to buy a condo but I refused as I always wanted to own my own landed property, even if it is very small, it is alright as it is all mine.

Today, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all mums, a Very Happy Happy Mother's Day !!!! On this very special day, may we reflect on how our mothers toiled and worked hard day and night to provide us comfort in our homes and to guide us and to give us security.

My feeling is that : Mums are always the greatest !!! that is why when I go to my clients home where there is an elderly man or woman in the house, I always greet them with a  wide smile as though they are my own parents. That is also what buddhism taught me and my belief and faith in buddhism is very very  strong.

Recently, one Aunty whom I had visited her daughter's home for a second house visit, even ask if I had eaten as it was already close to 1pm and I replied "yes" even though I was very very hungry as I did not wish to make Aunty worried or even to bother her if she wanted to cook some noodles for me. I was afraid that she would and therefore being polite I said that I had eaten. this is called "compassion" in buddhism meaning that I can spare a thought for the other person.

Of course there are some mums who like to nag a lot while there are those who like to scold a lot. I wonder which kind of mum do you have ? and if you have such a mum, well.......just remember that, no matter why she behaves the way she does, no matter what, she is STILL your mum. The one who carried you for 9months and delivered you into this world.

"The first breath that you breath, your destiny is already fixed" I always quote this when defining "What is Destiny" ^_^

I am the eldest in the family and therefore I often act like big sister to all my clients. Sometimes, mum would give me some advice on how to keep my clients and to have new clients as well. that is mum, always caring, always loving. I think she would be very worried if one day I tell her on a Sunday I am not going anywhere to read life readings or even to go for a house visits ^_^

My mum is taoist and believes in God and prays very hard, does a lot of donations and that is why she is so blessed in this lifetime to have two University Graduates children, both entrepreneurs in their own area of interests. My brother is a medical doctor with his own clinic at Blk 232, AMK, both of us graduated from NUS.

FSQ Note: I had placed my mum's photo below as one needs merits in order to have "fame" once they expire, it is not good for them. My mum is getting old and she don't need that fame, all I want for her is to be "safe" and "healthy".

FSQ Photo:
1) flowers for all mothers
2) photo of my mum taken, 3 weeks ago.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Are you like Alice in Wonderland ?

Today, 10 May 2012 - (Thursday) - Hi! a Big thank you to all my readers who come here to read this blog. You make feel as if I am not alone when writing. This little "thought" brings "warm" and "love" to me,  thanks.

Today, a lady client whatsapp saying how come business is slow and is scary. My reply to her was : it's going to be like this till year 2015,  so just hang on.........

Then the other day, I was walking along the corridor of a building along Kallang Pudding road when my lady client called my name and I stopped to pause for a moment. She said she was looking for the elegant lady, Master Lynn, that's what her friend told her. I had a good laugh before I started work. Me, elegant lady ? hmmm.............I must ask my friends. That day at work, I tried to act very elegant ^_^ (and only one take) ;)))

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - It's not easy to write a blog and yet have many people coming to read it. I am thankful that many of you did.

A male friend text me recently and said : Lynn, you 'think" differently from the rest ? I replied "Yes, we have to". If not, we won't be where we are today without our hard work, hard thoughts and gentle marketing.

Doing your business requires that you put "effort" and "energies" into the business.  that way, opportunities will come and business will come too.

My motivation in this fengshui business is to help people and I never did focus on growing my own wealth (if I did, I would be much wealthier today as my clients were buying properties in years 2004 to 2006) till years later when I sold my Ubi Teckpark office (2009) which I bought at S$150/- per sq ft (2004) and used the profit to buy two other properties, one a shoebox condo (2010) the other my current office at First Centre (2011).

I did not become rich earning as a fengshui master. It was what I did with my income and invested them that gave me the most profit ever. I saw in some flyers that a terrace house in some areas nearby my place was sold at S$3million dollars. That is why some of my clients invited me to help them find a good landed property which could also in turn turn out to be great investments for them and I helped with all of my sincerity.

Fengshui Queen Singapore tip - today I was sharing a little tip on bazi. The client needed the "earth" element in her bazi and so I recommend her to buy some "crystals" when abroad or bring "stones" back home. I also taught her how to do "crystal ball gazing" and she uttered a "scream" like she was in some kind of fairy tales story like Alice in Wonderland or maybe I was ! ...........but I was REALLY  having "fun" when working ^_^

How many of you have had experience in "crystal ball gazing" ?  but I do and so I began to tell her my own "fairy tales" stories where I crystal ball gazed and saw myself  "shifting tables and chairs" inside the clear white crystal, many many years ago ^_^

FSQ Photo: this photo was taken in my room in Penang when I was about to go to bed ^_^

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

my mum use to hear me practice singing this song so this is for her, Happy Mother's day this Sunday

"have wisdom and compassion"

Today, 8 May 2012 (Tuesday) - hi ! how was your Vesak Day ? for me it was a great day and I met some of you on the 4 May 2012 afternoon at the open ground next to Aljunied Mrt Station which really warms my heart. thank you for coming over to say "hello" to me ^_^

Singapore Fengshui Blog - Thank you for coming here to read my blog for there is a day where there were over 800 viewership ! wow !

Couple relationship : this year, I have selected a few wedding dates for couples and it really warms my heart that many couples are finally tying the knot especially when their homes are coming. I have only one advice for all couples : "give and take a little" and all will be well.

If you try to explain to him to tell your point of view but he argues back then it is time to stop and best is not to say anything and to let the matter rest. Handling a relationship is not easy and it takes skill and experience, so try to listen to those who has been there and done all of that for example your elder sister or brother or even your parents.

This year, I also did quite a few can or cannot buy indicating that people are still buying property and are not the shoe box types but those over S$3million dollars.

Investment : how are your savings coming along ? I hope many of you have started a joint account with your spouse or if you are single to have a special account for your savings. If you have not bought your house to stay in, now is the time. Just ask yourself : what you think is the value of this house 10 years later. This should give you a good enough "thought" for your consideration whether to buy or not, other than checking the fengshui then me ^_^

Fengshui Queen SG tip : there should be no ceiling fan above dining table nor the masterbed, elsewhere is still acceptable except also in wealth area and power area which is strictly a "no".

FSQ Photo: photo shows "Buddha" taken by my Iphone4.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Celebrating Vesak Day !

Today, 3 May 2012 (Thursday) - Let's get ready to celebrate Vesak Day this Saturday ! I would reply your questions soon.

Photo : This card was mailed to my house and I would like to share this with you.

Penang trip : The trip was fruitful and am back, thank you for the over 663 viewership yesterday.