Friday, June 29, 2012

Do you know the meaning of Gifts relative to your bazi ?

Today, 28 June 2012 (Friday) - It's TGIF !!!

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Do you know the meaning of Gifts relative to your bazi ?

First of all, learn to understand that the Universe is there to help you and only when your mind is calm then you will be able to grasp its "true" meaning.

Every small actions by anyone around you and close to you are all part of the "Universe". They are all telling you, SOMETHING and it is just that we are too stubborn or not mindful enough to know this.

Next : is to understand your bazi and what do you need most - hence if you need wood then anyone who gives you a painting, strings, wooden beads or even a book would be good for you.

On the other hand, if you don't need wood then it won't be good. 

However most of the time, the Gifts that we receive from friends out of the blue - are true gifts that we really need.

Gifts - Recently, a long time lady client gave me this gift and showed me how to turn the book around to get a different piece of Art. I am simply amazed and here are the photos for you to view them. If you like them, they are bought from Taiwan, which part, I don't know.

So example: if your bazi needs metal and out of the blue, someone bought a "long long" (bell) from a kiosk from overseas and give it to you as a present, then it means that you are in luck !
I once received a golden abacus key chain and a brush painting made of jade also from a long time lady client.

Fengshui Check - Recently, some people have keys to their Jalan Kayu HDB flats and I was there and today a couple client (they were my client in 2001) and just got their keys to The Peak at To a Payoh and I was invited to do the fengshui for them and is my 4th client there at To a Payoh. 

Wow ! this place must have very strong destiny with me ;))) or could be that I am simply a very popular fengshui master ^_^

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Today and Everyday is a beautiful Day, as beautiful as you !!!

Today, 26 June 2012 (Tuesday) - Thank you for over 914 viewers yesterday. I felt so thrilled and excited as I am getting there to over 1000 viewers ^_^

Singapore Feng Shui Bog - I also hope you like the song, "Today" which I have chosen as it is a beautiful number.

Feng Shui Studies : if you wish to learn fengshui, then read every available book on fengshui both in english and mandarin. That way, you will know who write what and what.

Next is to read all available books on bazi.

Next is to read on I-Ching and study them by heart.

After reading and at the same time find a good sifu who can teach you to master the final art of fengshui. Then practice on yourself, your own house for at least 3 years before you can come out to do it full time. If you don't have your sifu's blessings then better don't come out ......yet.

Most important of all, your heart must be good and kind - Have you ever seen a fengshui master who has a bad heart ?

FSQ Photo : This photo was taken recently and hope you like this........
I usually on the YouTube music in my blog and then scroll to read my own blog and see if I can find a newer meaning to what I had written.

Try this with the song, "Today" will love it !!!

Thank you for over 914 viewers, yesterday !!!

Enjoy !

Monday, June 25, 2012

"Water in SE brings knee cap problems"

Today, 25 June 2012 (Monday) - Ah! It's another great week !!! Hope all of you are happy and fine. I am sorry I have been busy....... ^_^

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Is fengshui or life readings, more popular in Singapore  ? You guess ?

Viewership: Thank you for over 700 readers each day.

Fengshui Queen SG tip : Real, Running water is the most powerful stirrer of Qi.

Real Running Water can also stir good wealth Qi or negative Qi like sickness.

If water is placed in the South East Sector of the house, usually family members especially ladies will end up with knee pain problems, especially when climbing stair cases or leg pain.

However, if SE sector is the wealth area then the family members would not have this problem.

Therefore when you read fengshui books, do pay attention to the element of "time" which is very important in the study of feng shui.

You still want to put "water feature" there in the South East sector of your house without a fengshui master's instruction ?

FSQ Note: The above photo is taken from Hotel Harmoni One, Batam

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Enjoy !

"water, water, too much is never good"

Today, 23 June 2012 (Saturday) - how are you ?

Singapore Fengshui Blog - Thank you for over 777 viewers yesterday even though I didn't update my blog ^_^

Fengshui Queen Singapore Tip : Qi passes through glass. Qi is the invisible forces of energy that exists in the house or the office. If you can feel the Qi and how they flow, then you are very good indeed.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You, tweet, I retweet ok ?

Today, 20 June 2012 (Wednesday) - hi.............another day bites the dust. Hope that everyday when you wake up, you can find something in the day to look forward to then everything will be alright. Every morning when I wake up, I would look at my schedule and look forward to meeting my clients and some of them are very old clients which makes it even more forward looking ;)))

Twitter Followers list - This morning, I woke up early and saw from one Facebook friend, his ranking in Twitter Followers.

I was curious about my own followers and so I went to this site and to my surprise,  found that I was ranked number 17  in Top Singapore Twitter Followers with over 4,828 followers.

That means that I am ranked among Top 20 Singapore Twitterer with the most  number of followers.
This also means that when I tweet a line, it goes to over 4,828 of my followers.

Here is the link :

So, do come and follow my tweets or you can join Twitter and retweet my tweets or tweet on your own ^_^

Have a lovely week !!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This song is for those who love Lisa Wang ! Enjoy !!!

"Keeping my lips sealed"

Jalan Kayu

Today, 19 June 2012 (Tuesday) -'s me again. this morning, I was at Jalan Kayu HDB flats and was very surprised to see that there are actually flats built here and brand new ! after that I went down to The Trizon (Ridgewood Close) where my client just got keys.

I was surprised not to see any property agents hanging around, usually there would be one or two around and today my lady client brought me nearby and have ice cream ! yummy yummy !!! Do you like ice cream ? I do ! but I like mine without the milk ! hehe.......something to do with bazi too. Today, I had raspberry sherbet ^_^ Thank you, sweetie !!! and she gave me a lovely gift too !!!

Talking about gifts - the type of gifts that I received from clients usually carry a special message from the Universe above to me.  Next time, I tell you more, ok ?

The Trizon

Singapore Feng Shui Blog Yahoo Google - Don't talk to your friends too much -
Don't tell them too many things,  you never know who can be very jealous of you and hide their jealousy away from you such that you cannot even tell.

This is particularly so when you become richer than others or more successful than others and then you find that surrounding you, your friends or relatives may not be sincere and happy for you, rather they harbor ill thoughts inside them.

If you are a good buddhist and when you see your friends or relatives are successful and you really feel very happy for them, that is creating merits as well. This is because we rejoice in others good efforts and good luck and then our own good luck will also come. Bear this in mind, ok ? Now you know why  I am always so happy for all my clients !!!

Well for me, there is something extra for me - when my clients are successful, it just speaks volumes about my skills in fengshui ! Cool !!!  Chin Swee lah !!! (hokkien for good )

Blog Viewership - 751 Monday, 18 June 2012

FSQ Note: when my clients speak cantonese to me, I speak cantonese and I loved it ! cause I love the dialect as I had spent a large part of my life watching cantonese drama serials !

Coming Soon : So enjoy the cantonese song by Lisa Wang in a drama serial that I lost count how many times I have watched ^_^ if I have touched your heart by playing this song, well, you know Master Lynn understands you, very very well.

Monday, June 18, 2012

"something to share"

Mirror, Mirror, which one is the fairest of all ?

Today, 18 June 2012 (Monday) - How was your father's day celebration ? I hope it went well. Actually, what needs to be done on this day is to just remember our own father, whether or not he is around us or elsewhere. Just try to remember his kindness. I am sure that you can find just one kind thought about your own father.

The Fengshui Savy Investor Blog - thank you for over 791 viewers for yesterday alone !
I am very touched that many of you came to read my blog even on a Sunday ! I am sure you must be thinking..........Master Lynn sure must write something today because it is Father's Day !!!! hehe

Well, I did and did not let you down. haha ! I guess many of you know my style or "kuan"(pattern)  by now.

As we all know, everyone of us have our own "kuan" and it is up to anyone close to us to know and to understand our "kuan", so that there is harmony in the relationship. Just like your relationship with me as your fengshui master. And everyone of you would definitely want your sifu or master to be successful and at the Top.

Facebook - Please when you are free, come and Do a "like" my public page on Lynn Yap as my personal page is full now with over 5311 friends. here is the link !

The photo above is my latest timeline cover page - I did this myself with a template. Hope you like the then Master Lynn Yap and the now ! ^_^ I don't think I change much, maybe body go "side ways" ! haha !  Got to look prosperous !!! *wink*

Sometimes,  I don't know who reads my blog, but whoever did, I hope they find it interesting and "value add"  to your lives.

FSQ NOTE 1 :  It's going to be a lovely week and every day is a new beginning. So stop complaining if you have to work long hours in the office or even on weekends. When you want to complain, ask yourself, what else can you do better in your job ? or .......start your own business and earn about the same income or more ?

Do you think you have the skill and the bazi to do it on your own and to strike it out ! all alone......... ???

Everyone of us are born equal but with different bazi which explains why we are good at somethings and not good at others. So when we are not good at this and that, we engage the experts. So you would engage the expert fengshui masters too ! ahem ! ^_^

.........but we will learn to do the things that can help us be more successful in our career, health and happiness !!!

(sometimes you may not know it, but other people envy you)


Remember : it is what we do not know around us that is scary. The TRUTH is out there somewhere. To find out, "still" your mind, don't think about anything, can or boleh ??

Don't breath and "insights" will come to you, to give you the strength and knowledge for your own assistance.

FSQ NOTE 2 : Thank you to all who sent emails to say Good Things about me. It's not me, who is good, it is my parents. They are the ones who instill in us, good family values, respect to elders and to be kind to all others, most important of all, be sincere in whatever we do.

I have a very good family education and I do hope your children too would be able to benefit from you, who are parents too  ^_^

Sunday, June 17, 2012

One of my dad's favorite song from South Pacific

Grateful to Dad !!!

Today, 17 June 2012 (Sunday) - Happy Father's day to all fathers !!!!

Singapore Fengshui Blog - As far as I can remember my father used to work very hard as a school teacher teaching english in a secondary school, somewhere in Queestown. Last Sunday, our families celebrated Father's day for our Dad and mum commented that Dad had to teach, mark papers to earn more and night classes too for our living expenses. Money was never enough then.

I remembered we used to live a small HDB flat in Queestown, Tanglin Halt Road and beside the railway track. Every day, several times a day, I would hear the train coming and passing by our bedrooms. It was a very small flat with two bedrooms but very comfortable. we were poor then and I was brought up in that kind of environment.

At that time, I had no sense about money. I was playful and love playing 5 stones and chit chatting with my girlfriends while my brother played with his small group of friends too. My brother also complained that he had to wash his school shoes as well as mine too. This part, I had totally forgotten till my brother brought it up one day over lunch. I must be a very lazy girl then or too clever   ^_^

My parents believed in education and gave us what we could study. My younger brother, Dr. Yap studied medicine, NUS and currently runs his own clinic at Blk 232, Ang Mo Kio, street 22.

What makes my dad's teachings memorable to me ?
His most memorable teaching was when I was in CJC, second year and he said these words to me which I remembered and it was :  I would make  dad a very happy man if I could enter the University. 

Simple words but said with a lot of feelings and emotion.

These words of his, struck a chord deep inside and I studied very, very hard and learnt by heart all the texts in the books till I could parrot read them line by line. I was very good at that and I passed my JC with A and B's and made it to NUS studying Business Admin as I love to do business. I've got a A for my economics.  I must be quite a clever girl as I heard that only top 3% of Singapore's population could enter University at that time - 1980's.

To this date, whenever I met my fellow University clients, we always give ourselves a big pat on our backs for we made it in Society with fame and wealth. People around my age, 53 +,  most of them now owned at least one landed property and drive a luxury car.

I went to the Uni like any one else and dad even allowed me to drive his car to campus on days when my classes were in the afternoon and I drove the old blue Austin. After I graduated, I bought my first car a blue Madza EG4300 was the number plate. I was about 21 years old then or older. 

I never liked the number 4 but somehow strangely it crept into my life and I like to buy 4D then but not now as I believe if wealth has to come to me, it had to be earned. And I love to earn my own and to save them and to invest in assets. 

When I grow older and wanted to start my own business in fengshui, my parents supported that idea. I had not much savings then and decided to sell my car for cash. One fine day, I pasted 6 one dollar Singapore coins on the wall above my house's  main door and 2 hours later, my dad called me and said that my car was sold and I started my business then.

Then in 2003 when I wanted to buy my house, I decided to live near my parents as well as my brother who currently still lives in Mimosa Terrace while I moved to Gerald Crescent to be near to them. My house number also had a 4 in it and facing South West. 

Till to date, my parents still worry for me while I would always tell them that I am fine. 

One thing though : my dad never approve of me spending money on buying properties after properties. He believed in savings and maybe having only one property was already very very good already. Well, what I did was............ I would buy them first then tell them, the same with my car ^_^ guess, I am not much of a saver eh ?


Happy Father' s Day, Dad !!! and I will always love you and thank you for everything that you and mum had done for me. He is 81 this year and we would be celebrating his birthday in October. 

FSQ PHOTO : shows my parents and me taken in 2009.

Friday, June 15, 2012

"the 3 things that I do differently from others"

Today, 15 June 2012 (Friday) - It's friday again ! Many look forward to a good, happy Friday ! while for me..........yes, me too ! but for different reasons. I work harder on weekends than on weekdays. Work is my passion as I love to work and keep myself busy.

However,  when I am free, I like to go do my personal things or meditate. There are many things that I do that others may not understand.

1) In my bedroom, I would turn on the air con while leaving a small window open - many people like to closed all windows when they start to turn on the air con.

2) I would buy a car and park it in the car porch outside my house and seldom drive - many of my male friends always laugh at me and say I waste money but I keep smiling and never say anything back to them because they will never understand my "brand of fengshui" and would think that I am a little "crazy".

It is them who don't know and what they don't know, they don't miss  or realize !!! that's life !!!

But if you do understand feng shui and bazi and that if you need the element of metal then owning a
'big car"in your name would give you the "big metal"and we progress with the cc of the car slowly and its luxury brands. They work in that manner. Plus, they cannot "go stan" ( go backwards and own a smaller cc car) (wait their wealth or their career go backwards)

About Bazi - many years ago, there was a young man who just bought a brand new black color car and because the color black was not suitable for him, the minute  he owns that car, his luck goes down. Then he sought my help and I said to him to change it to white color and he DID then things turn around and for the better and by now you would have guessed it, he swears that the car color do play an important role in one's life and now he dares not "suka suka" change car colour.

3) I would travel overseas but I like to go read a good book and sip my red wine or do nothing - while others like to go see places and shopping. very difficult huh ? and I dislike window shopping, waste of time. I would rather stay in the hotel.

This is the reason why I like to stay in a good hotel and must have room service because I might get hungry in the middle of night and I usually like to order room service, food !!! no food for me,  means no energy ! haha which probably also explains my size now ^_^

Singapore Fengshui Blog - Every child has their own stregths and it is up to the parents to help the child achieve the best of their ability.

Some child likes to do many many things and is because they probably have many fire elements in their bazi. So it would be up to you, to help the child build on his potential to achieve the best which is the child's Destiny.

There was once a child who wanted to be a musician but he didn't have any resources in his bazi and I said that this child would not have many fans nor followers hence can't be very successful though he can play the piano very well.

FSQ NOTE: Some how what I say, carries weight and many people follow- therefore for me, I feel that I needed to be very very accurate in my readings for all my clients so that clients do see good results after they had consulted me.

Plus, I also do a lot of merits for all of my clients so that they too can grow spiritually and be a very happy lot !!! Because happiness is everything...............Are you happy ? Learn to be happy in whatever situation you are in or do something differently to alter your luck.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Middle of the year, yet ?

Today, 11 June 2012 (Monday) - are you ?  We are almost halfway into the middle of the year though for lunar months we are only at the fourth.

Singapore Fengshui Blog - We have gone a bit spiritual the last few days, well it is good for the soul and for the heart. It is always good to take time to go a bit spiritual as well as to create good merits for ourselves on auspicious days.

When I went for the recitation recently, I also dedicated some merits to all of my clients as well as those who are connected to me and I wished them good health and happiness.

I am a strong believer in creating merits for ourselves as we never know when we really need some Divine help.

Thank you to many who came up to me and tell me that they read my blog and followed the tips !

Most important of all - there should be harmony at home. Peace and happiness between the couple and good health and studies for the young children in the house.

Property - Some are still buying property. Our role as a fengshui master is to help them select a good fengshui house that can last for the next few years and more, at least till period 9 Fengshui (2024 - 2043).

So when my clients ask me about the fengshui of that particular property, I usually tell them the fengshui for now in Period 8 as well as right through to Period 9 till 2043.

The Peak at To a Payoh - I have had 3 clients here already with one more to go and I particularly like the big balcony and nice master bedroom.

FSQ Note : How do you like to relax on a Sunday by the pool ? well.......I almost did ^_^

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Group Recitation of Golden Light Sutra, 4 June 2012

FSQ Note: There was a group recitation of the Golden Light Sutra held on 4 June 2012, Monday at 1.30pm. I made time for this and was there early.

If you like to join us next time, call Amitabha Buddhist Centre at 6745-8547 or email them at, first to join as a member then to come for any of their activities. I have been their member since 1994 and is now their life time member.

Blog Viewership : Monday, 4 June 2012,  over 1133 views. Thank you !

If you were to ask me what is the meaning of my life ? I would reply without hesitation that : The meaning of my life is to dedicate it to others. See you around........

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Come celebrate and do Good Deeds today !

Today, 4 June 2012 (Monday) - Today, I am celebrating Saka Dawa by not taking meat on this day and I do hope that you too can do the same, just for today till 6am the next morning. It is a very very auspicious day because it is the double 4th lunar month and today is the 15th day.

I have always believed in creating merits for oneself in order for added Good Fortune to come as well as to cleanse our negative thoughts or actions that we might had done.

Don't get angry today and don't scold people ok ?

Go do a donation or online donation if you wish, are also very good for creating merits.

We should learn how to create merits so as to ward off any negative things that might come our way in the future so that when they have to come, sometimes we can avoid them and sometimes, it came to us, like catching a bad cold, that's all.

I may not write very well but I know that I have very strong fengshui followers (over 841 views) and some people in my Facebook says is because I am popular *smile*..........maybe my fengshui works for them, that's why.

The Blue Medicine Buddha is my all time favorite Buddha. Here is the mantra for those who liked this Buddha.

Blue Medicine Buddha Mantra :
Tayata Om Bekanze
Bekanze Maha Bekanze
Radza Samudgate Soha