Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm afraid of the big bad wolf, are you ?

Today, 31 July 2012 (Tuesday) - hi..............hope you are busy at work however don't work too hard and long hours without resting in between, ok ? Health is important and it is good to sometimes be alone........... sit and listen to your body.

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Sometimes I wonder why people behave such and such especially in a relationship. However, the good thing about "going from single to a relationship" is that you will discover so much more about yourself,   your own flaws. 

Then, it is important to "work" on your own flaws so that the next time events happen, you are able to handle it much better.

Have you ever wondered what is your deepest fear ?
I don't have any fear any more especially after getting deeper and deeper into buddhism as I have learnt to "let go" of many things already including my life. 

You would have to know me personally in order to know more about me as I seldom do reveal anything much.

Some people's deepest fear may be death or sickness while some maybe the loss of loved ones while for some it could be the loss of wealth or money. They are afraid to loose money hence their attitude towards money becomes very stingy and when they are stingy the Universe up there would also be very stingy with them.

So might as well be Generous then the Universe would also be very Generous with money to you. For me, I spend or give when I need to.

This topic of "fear" come about when one of my FB friend saw a video clip on fear and where I also go to the site to watch.  Hope you like this topic of fear which I know, most would hardly like to talk about it.

How to deal with fear and how I do it ?
I can share with you, how I relate to fear. I would ask myself what is the scariest thing that can ever happen and I think about it, then my own answer came and I think again until I get the feeling that I am ready to "let go" and then I "let go". Then "that fear" no longer exists. Hope you find this useful ;)))

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy 80th Birthday, mum !!!

Today, 29 July 2012 (Sunday) - It's Sunday.......hope you have had a Great Sunday !!!

Singapore Feng Shui Blogs - Today, my family and I went to a chinese restaurant to have lunch to celebrate my mum's 80th Birthday !

The photo above was taken before my family members could eat !!! why this prawn dish ? because prawns  are my all time favorite !!! whatever way, you cooked them, will always be yummy yummy for me.

These prawns are cooked in mango sauce. Want some ? Come to Singapore and have them !!!

FSQ Tip: Do something to make yourself Happy everyday........the inner happiness comes from the heart and you can feel it deep inside you, plus your mind must also be peaceful. 

Hence, do not worry about anything, just "let go"..............then you can be peaceful.

Friday, July 27, 2012

No matter what, be Happy everyday !!!

Today, 27 July 2012 (Friday) - TGIF !!! 

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - My blog, The Fengshui Savy Investor was mentioned in another blogger's blog. Go and read.....
The link is here

Feng Shui Insights Case Study - Sometimes people worry too much and they keep focusing on their problems and everyday is not a happy day. It depends on what "problems" they are focusing on.

Take for example : If we decide to take a housing loan till we are age 70 and then after buying the new apartment, everyday we are unhappy because we keep worrying when the house will be fully paid and does it mean that we have to work till we are age 70 then we can finally be free and happy ?

Then everyday, the thoughts would be focusing on the loan and the age 70 and then that couple could be feeling very unhappy everyday and when eating or doing anything, they would always talk about this big debt. 

Is that what life is about ? No, it was what the couple wants to focus on that can make them happy instead of focusing on the debt and loan and make them unhappy.

The trick is to look at The Bigger Picture and be Happy.

So, if you ever want to be happy everyday, then focus on happy things or happy new things that are coming to make yourself happy, ok ? that is the way to go..........

Happy or Sad, we still have to pass the day, so might as well, make it a Happy Day !!!

Have a Magical Weekend !!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Excuse me, are you Real ?

Today, 26 July 2012 (Thursday) - Hi........

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - There are many people out there who are selfish in nature however that should not influence our own set of ways and thinking. If you are weak then learn to be strong. I also became strong or very strong because of circumstances.

How do I look at things and people ?
In my mindset, whenever I am with any person, I would always view them with love and kindness. 

Hence anything that they want from me or ask me to do, I would try my level best. And these are from the people around me and are not my clients.

Do you have that kind of mindset ? If you can change your mindset a little bit, don't you think that this world of yours would be a much better world ?

FSQ Photo - This photo was taken at night as the toad (the right one) that came thought that the "porcelain frog" was his mother. Haha. My fengshui trick work !!! yeah !!!

Have a Happy Day !!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

Merit Multiplying Day !!!

Today, 23 July 2012 (Monday) - Today is Merit Multiplying Day !!! Hope you have gone to do some Good Deeds already.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Beautiful Blue Happy Sky !!!

Today, 20 July 2012 (Friday) - Today, I was in office the whole day to do readings and to have my chinese tea. Somehow I still prefer "tia kuan yim" ^_^

Singapore Lynn Yap Fengshui Queen Blog - thank you for over 803 viewers yesterday alone. I guess when I write my blog, you come here often. Hmm..........guess I have to work very hard.

Fengshui Case Stories - Do you know that every small thing that you place inside the house or outside the house would have an impact on your feng shui ? Think about this..........

FSQ Photo - Just last week I saw that they sky above was so pretty..........especially the clouds, they look so cute and fluffy so I shoot this.  Hope you like the white clouds against the "beautiful blue happy" sky !!!

Dharma as I understand it - When your mind is peaceful, you are happy. And when you are happy, everything that your eyes look at, will also become more beautiful and happy. 

I wish you all, Happiness

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Difficult fengshui case - is that an issue ?

Today, 19 July 2012 (Thursday) - hi............sorry I was kinda of busy to write. Some of my clients know, you know ? when I hardly update my blog, they know that I am busy and they come and tell me ! ^_^ (looks like my clients can NOW read me !!!)

Well, how is everything with you ? Hope you are fine and you can always share with me when you come for your next year's annual review 2013 or house annual review or even share it with participants who are coming to my talks next year ^_^

Singapore Fengshui Blog - Sometimes you will notice that your spouse tried to look handsome or to look pretty, well it is not because they want to but more importantly was because Their bosses expect them to.

So we had to look Good and careful not to "over eat" in case we put on "too much weight" this year of the Water Dragon ;))

Well, I saw one of my lady client who got slimmer this year instead and was very very happy for her.

Feng Shui Case Studies : One of the most difficult fengshui case was trying to place the master bed in the master bedroom. Why ? It is because these days,  the master bedroom comes with two sides of the wall being all windows !!???!!

Yes, that is also very very nice but it was quite a task to tell my clients where their bed should be.

Ideally, we would place the bed where there is a solid wall behind the bed and where directly opposite is also a solid wall and we balance that by checking their bazi favorable directions.

However, with too many windows, it can pose quite an issue however "nothing is impossible" with me and so we can always have one side with long thick curtains to form a "solid wall".  I call this "Creativity at its best" !!!

In Fengshui Audits,   most of the time, we will let the clients sleep in their most favorable directions so that when they wake up, they are facing their most favorable directions so as to absorb the best Qi.

FSQ Photo : Photo shows the chinese tea that I am now drinking in my office when I do life readings ^_^     It's a nice gift set from one of my lady client. Thank you and the tea taste "Good".

Monday, July 16, 2012

Are you enlightened yet ?

Today, 16 July 2012 (Monday) - Hei!...........it's another week !

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Last Sunday, I was at Casa Clementi to check fengshui for my client who just got keys to their new HDB flat. It was my second trip here and here is a photo of the new estate :

FSQ Note : 23 July 2012 Monday is Merit Multiplying Day as it is Buddha's First Turning of the Wheel of Dharma. Go veg on this date if you can and do a donation to create merits which is going to be multiplied 100 million times !

If you do negative things on this date, it gets multiplied too eh.

What do I understand about Dharma ?
1) That wisdom and compassion goes hand in hand together.

2) That we should not judge others and of course never to judge ourselves.

3) That we cannot say, we like this and we don't like that. We should remain neutral.

4) And that we should not have attachment to anything be it career, money or assets or even relationships. That way, we would not have any sufferings and therefore we would have found total freedom. Freedom from attachment.

Sometimes, I wonder how to write this in words so that many others can get enlightened too by reading my text on Dharma. Actually it is not how others judge me by my actions or words but it is how I do things or relate events happening to me everyday, how I handle them that determines if I am enlightened or not. And it is all in the "mind".

5) Hopefully very soon, I can become very enlightened like the Buddha  ^_^

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Enjoy !

Thank you for a lovely cake !!!

Today, 10 July 2012 (Tuesday) - Hi...........how are you getting on ? Hope you are well as we are now into the middle of the year of the Water Dragon. I also hope that you found the method to "break" off this "Dragon" earth thing.

Well.........most of all, let us all grow richer by the year and healthier too.

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - 
1) Have you ever wondered that when you are inside the car and driving and the phone rings like crazy ?................that is because "metal" must be very very suitable for you.

2) Have you ever wondered when you are about to travel to an overseas country and there are so much business and work to be done before you can fly ?
That is because the "water" element is very very favorable to you.

Fengshui Case Studies -
Thank you to the family with 2 young boys and 1 pretty girl who lives in Bedok,  who gave me the Black Forest cake above.

I hold it close to my heart like carrying Gold today till I reached home. Thank you so much .......it is so yummy yummy and soft.

The eldest boy said to his mum to give Fengshui Queen SG some english tea when she comes to their house but I asked for plain cold water instead as I love drinking plain water best. Thank you for your kind thought. That warms my heart that someone out there cares for me ;)))

Oooooohh..........I was really so touched when I first heard that and realized that  I've got young male fans !!!!

So I told myself that I must come home early, take photo of the cake and put in my Blog so that we can all remember how the cake look like before my family and I finished them ;)))

Have a lovely evening !!!

FSQ Note: It is not money that makes us happy. It is the warmth of a family that can keep the family together and make everybody Happy. This kind of happiness comes deep from the heart and stays there. Hope you are all happy too !!!

Sunday, July 08, 2012

It's been a Froggy Year !!!

Today, 8 July 2012 (Sunday) - It's a lovely Sunday though very hot and today I had two house reviews to do.

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Yes, when toads come to your garden there is good luck coming ! but what if you stay high rise and there is no chance for a toad to come to your house then what do you do ?

Well.......in that case, we will have to buy a porcelain frog or toad and place it next to your pond ! 

Hehe...............this has been a Frog Year and we are halfway into the year of the Dragon.
1) We carry frog wallets or frog purse.
2) We place a porcelain frog or toad next to our pond in the wealth area.

FSQ Note : Photo shows Hotel Harmoni One service apartments in Batam. Have a Great Sunday !!!

Friday, July 06, 2012

Happy 77th Birthday !!!

Today, 6 July 2012 (Friday) - Today is His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama's 77th Birthday !!!

Singapore Feng Shui Blog Yahoo - Hope all of you are well and alright. This Year, I had done a few more baby chinese names as there are more babies born this year, the year of the Dragon. And I am sure that they are quite huge babies ! ^_^

Today, I took vegetarian as I want to create more merits for myself and for all those who are connected with me one way or another. May we always have the means and ability to create more and more merits.

Fengshui Audit - I can't wait to go to The Trizon again and this is my 2nd client here in this condo.

FSQ Photo : The above photo was taken in year 2006 in India where I went for the Kalacharkra Initiation with his Holiness organized by ABC. I like this photo very much as I was very close to his Holiness, standing beside him with my hands touching his arms for a few brief seconds during this photo shoot. 

My wish for every readers to my blog is - May you always have the means and opportunity to meet His Holiness some day. Buddha Bless !!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

My Prince Charming had found his mate !!!

Today, 4 July 2012 (Wednesday) - hello.......how is everything ? Hope you are all fine.

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - There were a lot of "likes" and "comments" in my Facebook on the toad photo.

Well..........my Prince Charming has found his mate ! ^_^

A Fengshui Queen Singapore Case Study June 2012 - Many years ago, a client had invited me to do her apartment and was told to move house from 2003 onwards as the Qi in her house would not be good.

She moved and lived in that house for a couple of years. Then one day while she was meditating in her house and as she had a little issue on hand and I appeared in front of her.

She still wasn't assured ......and so she asked Kuan Yim whom she prayed in her house to check with Kuan Yim if she should invite Master Lynn Yap to come and check her house.

Guess What ?

She got a "um" "pui" (hokkien) (Yes ! from Kuan Yim)

A few days later, I went to her house to check fengshui and she related this story to me and I laughed !!!! but I almost fell off the chair !!!!

So Interesting !

So I thought I share this story with you. The case study is real but the person's name and sex are different and confidential.

Blog Viewership - 3 July 2012 we have 1009 viewers !!!  (Guess readers like my toad photo so here is another one for you to admire ;))) )

FSQ Photo: The toads that you saw in my photos are all real toads. I was coming home from a dinner with my lady client at NUSS Guild House on Monday night when I happen to catch the toads mating. All photos taken by Iphone4.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

My Prince Charming ^_^

Today, 4 July 2012 (Tuesday) - how are you ?

Singapore Fengshui Blog - Do you always have a plan and a goal that you set for yourself to achieve month after month ? I don't.

Whenever there is work for me, I work.  If there are not much work to do,  I would go do my personal thing....... relax or go shopping.

FSQ Photo : Last night the toads came..........two male and one female. Photo shows one toad under neath my chair in the garden. Don't my Prince Charming look cute ?  ^_^

Fengshui Queen SG Tip : A person who has 4 water elements in her chart should never paint the ceiling blue or black as that would mean too much water then that person could get "drowned".

Monday, July 02, 2012

Fields of Gold !!! Enjoy !

High Up, anyone ?

Today, 3 July 2012 (Tuesday) - hi, sorry I was quite busy the past few days so I didn't update my blog. But I was very surprised to see 698 viewers yesterday even though my blog wasn't updated. Thanks for coming. Next time come often to just listen to the music videos that I uploaded ok ? ^_^

Singapore Fengshui Blog - Some friends told me that they bought some gold and already lost some money. You must remember that I have not bought mine........yet

FSQ Photo - shows the new HDB flats at Clementi Ave 1. Clients just got keys two weeks ago and I was there last Sunday and on the 39th floor ! the wind was quite strong......

I felt I was in Heaven when I stood there, 39th floor and taking this photo from my iphone4. You like this shot ?

So far, do you like my photos ?     hope so...... ^_^

Have a great week  !!!!