Saturday, August 25, 2012

Are you happy ?

Today, 25 August (Saturday) - are things this week ?

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Recently, I got a "liking" to post some food photos in my Facebook and one client who is now overseas in China for work just couldn't help but comment on my food postings......haha. It is to make you come home often for holidays with your family !!! I said jokingly since I know their whole family ^_^

And as I was posting this photo of laska ...........I thought I smell "laska gravy". Hmmm.......or am I hungry now as it is almost time for dinner ^_^

Fengshui Case Study 1 - A male client was telling me about women and if she is a slim and pretty woman his face seemed to light up and I was shocked. Later, I tried to explain to him that : that is not the definition for "love". 

Love is not about physical beauty.

To love someone does not mean that that person has to be a stunning beauty. That is only scratching the surface. Love means something more than that. I told him.

I then inform him to think and pause for a moment : True Love means "its the way she makes you feel".

I told him to think "deep" and "hard" so that he can understand the real meaning of "love". There are many definitions about love but this definition of love can REALLY make you sit up and think.

"Its the make me feel in my heart"

Feng Shui Case Study 2 - Sometimes in life, there is no need to have lots and lots of money. Some is good enough as long as every month, you can get by with some spare, is good enough.

Why do I say this ? it is because have you ever seen a man or a woman always loosing his temper or scolding the kids ? 

Do you think he or she is happy ?

Everybody just wants to be happy. 

Some people tends to worry too much, some tend to be very negative all the time while some tend to be too talkative till they loose all their good luck. They do not know how to keep their mouth quiet and to have protective luck all the time !!!

Then........ there are those who like to scold anybody all the time, particularly the wife or the children. However, it can also be the wife who is the "scolding" I mean she likes to scold people. Everyday must scold someone. 

Just think : Do you think these people can learn how to be happy ?

We certainly hope so.

FSQ Note : The number of things that you can learn to let go will determine your level of happiness.

The happiest people are people who get things done and yet never ever loose a single temper !!! Beat that !!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Have a Good Day !!!

Today, 23 August 2012 (Thursday) - How have you been ? Do you like fish soup with rice ? I do and is one of my favorite. If this photo looks yummy to you and makes you feel hungry then I have done my part ^_^

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - These days, am a little busy so I tend to write less.

Fengshui Queen Singapore Tip: If you are house hunting now, if you know fengshui directions before you buy, that is good. However if you do not know.....then try choosing a house that is bright because that means that your future will be bright.

Secondly, is to check how you feel about the place. Good happy feeling ? or simply don't like it at all. Then trust your instinct as your 6 sense can sometimes be very very accurate.  Have a Good Day !!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

What is the color of your aura, dear ?

Today, 17 August 2012 (Friday) - Today, we are going to talk about "auras". Many years ago when I went to study Reiki Healing and finished all the courses such that even now I can practice Reiki as well. In my first session, I saw a big fat laughing Buddha while many others saw many other things and we were asked to relate what we saw. And that was what I saw........just a fat laughing Buddha !!!!

Singapore Feng Shui Blog,  Master Lynn Yap - Well, I also managed to develop my "third" eye such that I was able to see "aura" in a photo especially some who posted in their Facebook Walls and sometimes I can see it above the person's head, usually above the head or near to where their hair is, if they have any left ^_^

In this photo, at a Lam Rim Retreat, 2009,  towards the end of our retreat, I somehow decided to take a photo of myself and I was surprised to see the color of purple at both sides of my hair. Can you see it now ? It has got a lighter shade of purple now. It used to be deep and bright purple.

Purple is a "spiritual" color while green is the color of "healing".

Fengshui Case Study 1- Many years ago in June 2009 while at a Meditation retreat in Hua Hin, someone wrote to Ajahn Brahm to say that a particular participant had a bell that "rings" and was disturbing his meditation such that he could not meditate properly.

Ajhan Bramn replied : it is not the sound of the bell that irritates, it is your MIND which is "irritable" and that needs to be calmed to a peaceful level then everything will be alright. 

So, whenever I hear something irritating, I would check my mind and see how peaceful my mind is ^_^ or that  I was getting "agitated" haha !

I was the one wearing the "bell" and upon hearing that, I decided to take out the bell so that everyone can have a peaceful mind. By caring for others who are around you, that is called Boddhisatva. It is a stage before getting enlightened. I am at this stage and I wonder what will happen to me one day when I became fully enlightened ^_* (hehe)(probably you think not in this life time huh since I am so cheeky)

Fengshui Case Study 2 - Many years ago, a man who was about to pass on came to have his life read and I saw his aura above him was "black". It was so prominent. He knew he was going to pass on and he just want to go to every fengshui master to have his life read so as to alter his luck. 

He also informed me that should he be alive last year, he would come and see me again. I never heard from him...........well not yet.

FSQ Photos: both photos taken in 2009 during the Lam Rim Retreat. When I saw the schedule from morning 6am to 9pm, I almost fainted. I said to myself, this is worse than working.......but you know what ? every day after the teachings, when I come back to my room, I count my days......another day gone, 3 more to go and so forth till finally I reach my final day, last day. Yes, I was that bad but I also know who knows...........I may be the one who will come out to say I renounce first than anyone else ^_^

A few years later  in 2012 - I realized that all those teachings were to "train" our mind to be more mindful and being in the present moment, here and now is the most important. When I realized that, tears roll down from my cheeks, you cannot believe how happy I was at arrive at this......and to realize that.

I just want to share with you and I know many of you want to learn (how to be really happy) - and that is why I share my personal thoughts with you. Yes, you......out there ! Yoo Hoo........You happy ????

I remembered one teacher, Ajahn Nyanadhammo saying : if you let go a bit, you have a bit of happiness, if you let go completely, you have complete happiness.

FSQ NOTE : Have a very Happy 7th Lunar Month and make sure you don't go out too late during this whole month, ok ???? Take care !!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"The long and winding road to inner happiness"

Today, 14 August 2012 (Wednesday) - hello.......

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - When ever I am free, I like to listen to dharma teachings. Here is one link which I find pretty good for the soul. Listen to it when you have the time............

The Buddhist Blog -

FSQ Photo: When I can, I will usually take photos of swimming pool, buildings and any "fengshui" stuff that can catch my eye. But I noticed that other people like to take flowers and trees. So I also try to look deeper into the environment that I am in and look at the trees and the flowers. 

Today, it is a photo of a path that look kinda of "cute". Some people may tend to think too much and then try to analyze what did Master Lynn mean by that ? 

In fengshui terms, a path or a road is like a "river" ("water" in the two chinese characters wind and water) but a dry one. The people who walked on it will carry Qi to one direction or to another direction. Plants around the footpath when wet, retain Qi in them and can bring about some fengshui impact, good or bad  ^_^

Hence, "water" or pond if placed in the wrong location can bring about good fengshui or negative fengshui and I practiced the Flying Star School of Fengshui which incorporates the element of time like we are now in Period 8 Feng Shui.

Blog Viewers : 856 yesterday

FSQ Note : Thank you to many who find my fengshui tips very useful and saw results after using them ^_^ 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Do music touches your heart or your mind ? Enjoy !

Seafood soup for you, Sir ?

Today, 13 August 2012 (Tuesday) - a client wanted to know if the unit is suitable for her and so I went down to Woodlands. We talked about wearing sunglasses this morning in Facebook so when I arrived, I took some photos and here is one of them. I think all women looked COOL when they wear black sunglasses !!! and this is a Fendi number ^_^

Singapore FengShui Blog - Thank you for over 852 viewers yesterday ^_^

Writing a blog isn't about being vain and showy. It's about how to communicate with the existing customers/clients so as to keep them in contact and for them to know what their favorite sifu,  Master Lynn Yap, Fengshui Queen, Singapore is doing and how is she. Well.............this is my latest photo taken today.

FSQ Photo - Last Sunday, after two life readings I went to buy this from the fish soup stall at First Centre. I ordered a mixed seafood soup without sotong as I don't take this. My favorite is fish,  prawns, and chicken.

How do you feel ......just by looking at this soup ? I can tell you, the soup tastes good. I usually order the fish soup but thought of trying something different for a change and so here is the photo. Cost : S$4.70/-

The cake in the photo is a free gift from my clients who came on Sunday. The lady client was afraid that I would be hungry and so she bought the cake for me........... so sweet of her, isn't it ? is clients like these especially new clients who had never met me before, that touches.

FSQ NOTE : Come this Saturday, 18 August 2012, I have a special guest/client who is flying in all the way from Penang to come to First Centre to see me. I also have another special guest coming in from Kota Bahru, Seremban when they have a direct flight to Singapore on 13 September 2012.  Wow !!! I am very honored ^_^ See you soon !!!!

I must tell them to visit our Garden by the Bay and take photos of Singapore's skyline !!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

I believe in miracles.....

Today, 13 August 2012 (Monday) - It's a  Monday......well I know some people do not like a Monday but still it's another day.

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Thank you to the average 650 viewers who come to read my blog from all over the world, of course mostly from Singapore. In a month, we have over 22,000 viewers.

About Life - If you have ever met a "very difficult person" in your life, just remember that : the Universe has sent him or her to you to understand yourself better, be it about 
A) your mind, how it thinks
B) your heart, how it feels

Every occasion, Every event can frustrate you and then THINK or PAUSE for a moment before you react.

Sometimes, at that spur of moment, I do not have any answers then I simply go to sleep and I know that by next morning, I can "see" things clearer and my answer is there, Take Care and Have a Great Week !!!!

FSQ Note: I thought I was quite enlightened already .........but one fine day when I met with an issue, my mind would be calm and my heart too. But no......I wasn't. I then realized that my mind still "stirs" when issues happen and I learnt that I need to "meditate" more to calm down my mind and my heart. ^_^

Friday, August 10, 2012

Enjoy for the weekend !!!

Curry Chicken rice anyone ?

Today, 11 August 2012 (Saturday) - How is your National Day Celebration ? Good ! I hope ^_^

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - A client came for a personal annual reading and after the readings the discussions shifted to a talk on Buddhism. In fact, many of my clients seem keen to know more about Buddhism and how to get started.

I guess for starters, try to join any buddhist centers and attend some of the talks there or even to learn how to meditate if they conduct classes. 

Personally, I am a life time member of Amitabha Buddhist Centre (ABC) so you might want to join this one where the members speak mostly in english. To join as member or to receive their newsletter call : 65-6745-8547

Website Link :

Keen to know more ? 
Catch ........
FPMT Mongolia on Channel U, 12 August 2012, Sunday, 8.30pm "Find me a Singaporean 3"
If you are keen to discover more.........tune in !!!

FSQ Photo: If you are hungry.........try curry chicken rice from the tze char stall at the canteen at First Centre, 50 Serangoon North Ave 4 (they are open on Saturdays and Sundays) and they serve very delicious curry chicken rice with egg. I particularly like the curry paste which tasted differently from others, probably one of their competitive advantage !!! 

The other dishes that I like are the cereal prawns and the hor fan. Try them and tell me !!!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Happy 47th Birthday, Singapore !!!!

Today, 9 August 2012 (Friday) - How are you feeling today ? In a happy & holiday mood ? well......I am.

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Well, today 9 August is a date when Singapore obtained Independence since 1965 and so today, we celebrate Singapore's 47th Birthday !!! Happy Birthday, Singapore, my Country, my Home and I love you !!!!

FSQ Photo: I was at Duxton to check a unit fengshui there last month and while waiting for my car, I took this photo, didn't realize that it will come in handy today ^_^

Monday, August 06, 2012

From today onwards, all will be smooth......

Today, 6 August 2012 (Monday) - Today is Kuan Yin's birthday and so today I go vegetarian. I would always find more ways to create millions of merits for myself by doing little acts and hope that you do the same ^_^

This morning, I went down to Kenko at Tanglin and saw a beautiful birthday cake, didn't realized that it was Elaine's birthday and she invited me to take a photo with her and so here it is ! 

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - It is always good to write a blog to keep track of events that happen to us. Some people have more happenings than others while for myself, I prefer a simple life with more time for my meditation practice when I am off work and I love my job very very much.

Fengshui Queen, Master Lynn Yap's Tip: On the 1st or 15th day of the lunar month or even on other auspicious days, there is a fengshui secret to this date : Meaning......whatever right or wrong you do on this date, it will automately be "corrected" for you and then all is well.

Hence, on these dates, we can take down the "ba gua" that is hanging on the wall above your house main door or better still get the contractor to do it for you and then give them a red packet of S$2/- will do. Or on these dates, we go vegetarian to cleanse ourselves or do other things.

Everytime, I buy a new car or I move house or office, I would usually give whoever a red packet. The meaning behind it is : so that from today onwards, everything will be smooth and good.

FSQ Photo : This is my latest photo, hope you like it !!!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Activating the wealth area in your house !

Today, 5 August 2012 (Sunday) - Hmmm.......Sunday again. I have my own routine so do you. Just make it enjoyable,  whatever you do. I am with you.

Singapore Fengshui Blog - This week, I had a can or cannot buy condo and met two property agents who informed me that the market is still "quite busy" and that people are still buying or selling. My first instinct was : wah ! I never thought that people would still want to buy or sell property at this timing.

Relationship between couples: Trust is a very important word and an important factor in a relationship. Learn to trust your sixth sense. Once things are not right and if you do feel something amiss then better do something before it is too late.

A woman likes to be wooed and given sweet words, if you can, do that. If this is not you, try, at least try or........simply, do it your way  ^_^

Blog Viewership:  July 2012 -    21,934 viewers

FSQ Note : Water, the placement of water is an important cure to solutions. If you want wealth, then place water there in "wealth area" to activate "wealth". Just think : which part of your house is the wealth area and then activate it !!!

I like this version......hope you like it too !

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Latest !

Happy 22nd Birthday, darling, Ivan !!!

Today, 1st August 2012 (Wednesday) - Hope everything is fine with you. Everyday, I come back from work, I have to reply my emails, make appointments and sometimes I don't do it, then clients will complain the next day. These are my impatient clients. I can understand where they are coming from and I know I cannot expect them to know me and to know the word "patience".

However, I do have some very very good clients who knows me, these are the more "understanding" clients who will text and wait a few days for my reply. Best is to wait one week. Anyhow I usually would reply "text you later" but my later can mean the next day.

Singapore Fengshui Blog - Someone sent me a Facebook email asking me to write more in my blog. I thought that I had already written quite a fair bit as my blog is already 4 years old, started blogging on 28 May 2008. Well, the content of this blog goes to her........

I posted this photo (touch up using Pro HDR) in my Facebook and maybe she saw my "smile" and wondered how can anyone be so happy in his or her life time ? I have been a buddhist for over 18 years and so my Buddhist training is there. 

I pray and meditate every morning before I go to work. Do you ?

In fact, everyone can smile like me.  And I also have my fair share of small problems like my metal black gate, one side can close, while one cannot close. What do I do ? for the time being, I manually close it and never uttered any word of complaint. I just do it. Can you do it ? I mean.........without your "mouth" complaining ? ^_^

Most important is to "let go" of most things happening to you, everyday. That include worries, problems. 

Worries are the worst worry. If you have that : you have to just let go of your want and your expectations of others or even of yourself. That way, you can learn to be happy. Sometimes it is easier said than done how do you do it ?

Just sit....... even on your bed and meditate for a while. Close your eyes and sit semi lotus if you can and left palm over the right palm with the two thumbs touching each other. 

Then concentrate on your breath, "in and out" count as one till you can reach 50 without the mind wandering anywhere. I can count till 100. Want to win me ? Hope you can !!! I would be very very pleased.

While, if there is a problem on hand, then simply use your gut feel to solve it and if money can be used to solve it, then solve it using money and then the problem is over and gone. Don't fuss over money issues. It is not a problem !!!

FSQ Note: I look at everyone's smile to see if they are 100% happy or half happy, Yes, by their smile ^_^

Happy 22th Birthday, Ivan !!!  (my eldest son who is currently studying Animation at NTU)