Sunday, January 20, 2013

Have a great week !

Today, 21 January 2013 (Monday) - are you ? Busy getting ready to welcome the Blue Snake Year, 2013 which adds up to 6 ? 

Singapore Fengshui Blog - This period is usually a busy period for most fengshui masters as on top of their normal consultancy work, they also have to find time to deliver their Predictions for the water snake year, 2013 plus getting ready to welcome the new year.

This year, I am planning to get my Kum Quat early as last lunar new year by the time I went to buy them, I didn't have much choices left and every year, I would not only order for my family but I also order for my parents and they are delivered. I would pay for the extra delivery charge. I mentioned about this in my new year talk and most of the participants remembered and followed as there is a fengshui secret to it and we all had a GREAT Year !

Thank you to the 250 participants at Safra Mt Faber and another 280 participants at NUSS who found the time to come to my talk on "Predictions 2013" which is now on slideshare and with over 21,000 viewership. Thank you so much for your warm support !

Photo : shows the street where I live and I still do consider it my "investment house" because it is my very best investment in terms of value, having bought it in 2003. However in terms of speed of ROI, our office at First Centre is the best for it gives me the fastest investment to date, better than my condo.

I remembered one lady client telling me that she has many ang mo friends and when the ang mo friends heard that she owns a landed property all by herself,  they gave her a "double take" ;)) I wonder what  will our male Singaporean friends do when they hear this........

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