Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Why some people always changes their mind ?"

Today, 14 March 2013 (Thursday) - Thank you for the two sms that complement my recent photos ! ^_^

Fengshui Queen Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Have you ever noticed why some people's mind is always changing ? some extent it comes from their bazi and that is why they behave as such. Well as long as you don't have friends like these.....consider yourself blessed !!!

The fire element in them is the cause of such a behavior. Eg: a child says he is craving for chicken rice and so you bring him to a hawker centre and when he arrives there, he saw the "loh mee" quite nice and hence changes his mind about having chicken rice and so he ordered the "loh mee" and ate them. 

What do you think of such continuous behavior ?

Blog Viewership : Thank you to over 854 viewers,  just yesterday alone. Thank you for still having faith in my writing ;))

Fengshui Queen SG Tip : Yesterday I wrote about the wallet color and suddenly in my Facebook Wall, friends start asking what is their wallet color ? Well......if you want to know, you have to take a photo of your bazi and show me in whatsapp then I can tell you, ok ?

Today's tip is on the fountain in your wealth area : The direction where the water flows is very important and has to flow in one direction DOWN with nothing else that can alter the flow of the water or flow in all directions also can. 

They type of fountain depends on the house and family members bazi.

Lynn Yap's clothes from Tyan, ION Orchard

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