Thursday, April 11, 2013

Look deep within yourself to find out who you really are !

Today, 11 April 2013 (Thursday) - are you ? we are now into the 3rd lunar month. Glad you have survived so far ? I am fine too and busy as usual. 

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - I think it is time for most of us to spend some quiet moments each day of the week to be just be alone and be with your own thoughts. Reflect on the day itself to see if any thing could have been done better or change somethings about yourself.

For example : Today, you have been a little too fussy over the food that you are eating or the dress that you are wearing. Reflect on this for a moment and see if you can change your behavior next time.

And you must "make" that change in your behavior.

And only when you have learnt what the Universe wants you to know.........then your own Good Fortune can come.

The other thing that you need to learn is to be humble - when you are in crowd of people, imagine yourself as the smallest one there as this helps you to be humble and speak softly. Never be proud and show off unless the situation calls for it.

Oh..................and I still enjoy listening to these dharma talks every evening before I go to bed. This photo shot was taken today when I was on the way home this evening. Notice that my battery almost running out because I am a heavy user ! that is why I had to carry a battery pack ^_^

Well..........yes I got home early today and so I know that I had to write my blog to keep my fans and clients "happy" lah !!!  (actually I have been thinking about my only problem was : what to write loh ) 

Singaporean must speak or write a bit of singlish to make people laugh and laugh !!! Please go ahead and laugh and laugh ok ?

Fengshui Queen Singapore tip : There are some people whose career karma had exhausted and therefore their career luck might not be smooth and good unless they do a lot of good deeds to create more and more merits then their own career luck and good luck can still come.

That is would noticed that I always stressed on doing Good Deeds, light up a long life bulb (longevity lamp) at Buddha Tooth Relic temple and so forth.

Next week is my birthday week. Wish me Happy, Happy Birthday ok ?
and I am scheduled to travel to Penang on 28 April and back on 29 April 2013.

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