Monday, April 01, 2013

Podcasts a night to sleep better

Today, 1st April 2013 (Monday) - It's another great week !!! 

Singapore Fengshui Queen Notes - Recently I have taken a liking to listening to the collected teachings of Ajahn Chah as I do find them to be very useful in helping me to grow spiritually. In fact, over the years, my clients and I do grow spiritually as well as having more wealth, good health and happiness.

There is another Podcast by Ajahn Brahm which I had downloaded a few but yet to listen. Hence if you like listening to any one of these before you sleep, try listening to them. And then reflect on your life, your actions, your mind and your speech for the day. This is part of training our mind which is very important for us if we want to know how to have happiness in life. Don't you want to have happiness and less suffering ?

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