Thursday, May 09, 2013

I'm nuts about you, my fans and supporters !!!

Today, 9 May 2013 (Thursday) - Hi! how is everyone ? 

Good ............I hope as I do receive some fengshui audit where one of the couple was told that they would be retrenched. While some did not heed my advice not to attend funeral or wedding and got themselves into trouble.

Some even texted or whatsapp me asking if they can still attend and I replied "NO". They don't know how serious it is until they had experienced it themselves .....but then by that time it would be too late.

Singapore Fengshui Blog - A lady client asked me recently why is it that we females have to change in order to please the men in our lives ? 

My reply to her was : it depends on who came to see me if it is the men then the men has to change and if the client is a lady then the lady has to change.

The important fact is that : we cannot expect the other person in our lives to change but we can change ourselves so that the relationship can become smoother. 

However,  there is a way to change the other person in our lives by doing good deeds on their behalf. Eg: like offering a lighted candle to Buddha in their names. Slowly you will find that he or she can change to be come a better person. However this takes years.

Example: some women after they married to their men , they expect their husband to do well in life and to provide for the family. Provide here means to provide more. But then some husbands are the "lazy" kind or not the "ambitious" kind then how ?

And why should we "expect" them ? it is wrong view. What happens if they EXPECT us, females to provide for the family ? then how ? Therefore before you marry, better talk about money, career, children first. ok ?

FSQ Note : Sometimes I don't write is becuase I don't have any good stories to tell kindly excuse me.      Plus you should know that I am kinda of busy ^_^

But even if I am busy, almost every morning, I would update my Facebook page, my private page and if you do subscribe you too can read what I post.

Blog Readership : when I write my blog, I can expect to receive over 500 viewership per day and sometimes hitting over 800 a day. However when I don't write, it stays at about over 300 too. And that impresse and amazes me.

My article in Propertykaiser : Very quickly thanks to their marketing and also to my clients/fans and supporters/friends, we had reach the top 3 most read articles in their portal currently with over 700 views. Thank you so much ! Keep it coming as my next article is due two weeks later. see you then !!!

FSQ Photo: I posted this photo in my Facebook as recently I had taken a liking to this nut. Wanna have some ? 
Thank you to the numerous wishes on my birthday recently. What I have today, I owe it all to you and therefore I would work and think very hard to help anyone who comes to me seeking help.

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