Friday, May 10, 2013

The "gift" !!!

Today, 10 May 2013 (Friday) - Hi.............was thinking of you and all the warm support that you had given me in particular to my first article at I had over 800 viewership now till date and the owner and staff of the portal are all very happy with me. Thank you !!!

Thank you very very much !!!

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Usually when someone comes for their annual review they seek answers to their own problem as well as take note of what the new year hold for them.  Many of my clients come yearly to have theirs read and sometimes they will need more than the two hours which I usually give to all life reading clients.

For those doing their annual reviews, they may need more than two because we had become friends and so they have so so much to share their one year's stories with me in that short period of time. We usually have had e a good laugh and of course is kept confidential.

The only tales I tell are my own fairy tales and my talk which make the participants so engrossed and rooted ;))

Food I like : I only like a few type of food as I don't take beef......... no mutton, no sotong, no pork, no cucumber , no squids etc. The dishes that I out on my blog are the type of food I like to eat often.

I like drinks though like sake, whisky, red wine, volka and champagne and drink a glass every night before I sleep, helps me sleep better and dream better ! ^_^

Thank you for your gift !        Er........this sake has got gold dust leh !!!!

FSQ Tip : What your mind "thinks" every moment, every hour has an important impact on your daily life, so please think positively and watch how your fortune comes knocking at your door !!!

Today, one bazi client asked : Why don't you ask us to buy something from you in order to bring us Good Luck ? 

My reply was : I only wish to offer consultation and ask you to buy if any from other shops around in Singapore.   It helps our economy.

My main wish is to help all those who come to me for help,  I only really want to help as much as I can with my "gift".

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