Friday, July 26, 2013

Away on 14 August till 16 August 2013

Today, 26 July 2013 (Friday) - has been quite nice especially meeting an old client for his annual reviews for 2014, a bit too early but then he is a foreigner and do not stay in Singapore. Very Happy to have met him.

Flying : I would be away on SQ Business Class to Guangzhou to meet some friends, have sumptuous dinner, chit chat and Champagne. So far, only this client would buy me champagne for dinners and already by now........many many bottles of champagne and still counting. Of course, we don't just drink, we also have many other good Singaporean friends around.

Arguments and Misunderstanding - Some couples tend to argue because of differences in opinion if not it may be different value systems that one has. However , in bazi readings, these are referred as bazi clashes or fire and water person clash or wood and earth person.

They also tend to think differently and like different types of food. One may like Japanese food while the other may not. One likes coffee while the other likes engish tea.

In communications, first you try to push your idea across once and if he does not accept then try again if you wish but always stop at the third time as it will be point.

Some couples also tend to have numerous mis understandings basically it is because they do not know each other deep enough. Once they spend more time knowing each other then that "misunderstanding" would soon go away.

Have a happy relationship, my dearest fans/clients and loyal supporters. I would always pray for all of you ;)))

FSQ Note: Always focus on your health as good health is very very important in life. So when you are really tired, go to sleep or rest. This snake year would be most powerful the second half of the year and coming.........if you don't like the snake year and always feeling tired, lazy ?'s the snake year that is having an impact on you and your body and mind. 


Mr Lonely said...

wow, that's great! enjoy your trip!

siaw mei fang said...

Have a safe & enjoyable trip to Guangzhou, master Lynn .