Friday, August 23, 2013

8 more photos and can't get enough !!! Enjoy !!!

Willie, the one at the back whatspp this photo to me. 

Howard gave me this gift but the box was too big so I took a photo to remember

.......and I brought all the pineapple tarts back for added Good Luck !!!

Willie even said in my Facebook wall if I would like this red bottle of red wine. Photo taken on my first night dinner held in a chinese restuarant in PullMan Hotel. We had one red and two Moet. 

My all time favorite "parfum" bought at duty free Changi Airport.

Happy Happy being photographed !

Another group photo - us after 6 Moet ! but I think not enough. Another 6 Moet would be perfect !!!

Didn't managed to take any photo of the food which was very very delicious however I took the lights above. Hehe. Shy mah........worried that Leon or Willie might not like. 

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