Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Being Rich"

Today, 24 August 2013 (Saturday) - Hi ! are you ? Yes, we are already half way mark into the chinese lunar year of the snake. I hope the snake year has been good to you. For me, it is so far so good or shall I say, every year is "Good" to me as long as my mindset or some people call it "attitude" is "positive". I have been busy and you can check me out in my Facebook ;))) or even in Instagram ;)))

A big Thank You to my readers (over 500 readers yesterday) who still like to come to my blog even though this year, I tend to write less. I am so sorry.

Yes, I did enjoy my recent trip to Guangzhou, China as you can see all the happy faces including mine ! But then once back to Singapore, it is back to my rountine and work and work. However, I am most happy to be home and working to serve my clients as they mean everything to me.

One thing that I learnt over the years is : not to be afraid of hard work especially for the things that you want in life. example is if you wish to own a condo and to live in it then you would have to work harder to get the income to buy this, right ?

Most of the time when I visit my client to do fengshui and since 15 or even 20 years ago, I always advise my client to start saving and to buy the next property. I never once stop telling them not to buy even with stamp duty etc and some asked me .......I tell them to go ahead. Why do I say that ? 

What I saw was the price of the property that they wanted to buy 10 years later and when compared to today's prices is good, I will tell them to go ahead especially when the property is freehold. One of my lady client whose aim was to own a landed property and she did it this year before all the cooling measures set in. She was really lucky !!! and another lady bought her first condo to her name !!! she was also very happy and grateful.

Well.........I guess, it pays to get a savvy property investor for a fengshui master ! ;))) and I walk the talk too. 

However,  if you think you want a slow and lazy lifestyle then live simply and be contented with whatever you have. Never Never compare your wealth or income with others if not you could be terribly disappointed and this is no good.

Fengshui Queen Singapore Blog : BEING RICH
When you think you are "rich" enough then start to be generous to people around you and especially to those who are helping you. For example: those who do the massage for you, those who brave the hot sun or heavy rain to deliver hot pizza to you or those who simply helped you in other ways. Be generous to them ;))

This is my message to you for now and have yourself a super great weekend !!!

Photo shows the rain and flood in ChangAn, China. I became my own victim of my "Predictions 2013" currently with over 70,000 viewership ( (I may be the first one in Singapore who has the most viewership for a powerpoint presentation) and with heavy rainfall this year.

The fire prediction also came true as well as the price of Gold. I was really "spot on" for quite a number of events making me an excellent "destiny reader". Do you think so too ? 

Fengshui Tip : Be generous to those who had helped you. The Universe will reward you much much more. 

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