Thursday, August 01, 2013

First of August 2013 - hello and cheers

Today, 1st August 2013 - have you been ? As for me........I am fine and hope that you are busy and well. One client that I met for her annual review told me that I now write once my blog, once a month and I was surprised that she kept track......and we both end up laughing !!! 

You it is with your favorite and popular feng shui master, ME lah !!!

Thank you to the many who bought me gifts, gave me extra red packets, buy me lunches this year. It now looks like a year of good food and with all my favorite clients, YOU !!! 

3 CHEERS for yourself !!!!

Your FS master is fine, a bit busy except that this year......don't seem to find the "mood" to write. 

Fengshui Queen Singapore note : My next article about Fengshui tips for the bedroom is out at Property

Here is the link :

Another piece of Good News : The powerpoint slides on "Predictions 2013" at had over 70,000 viewers, 7 Favourites and over 965 downloads. Probably this is my "report card" .......the result of many many years of hard work and "precision". Thank you all for sharing with your friends. I really appreciate your kindness. Thanks ! and hope you enjoy the predictions.

FSQ Note: Today, is also my eldest son, Ivan's 23rd Birthday. Happy Birthday,  my dearest ;)))
Thank you to over 522 viewers yesterday to my blog. Thank you all for coming, I am grateful.

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