Thursday, October 31, 2013

Please come and support me in "Predictions 2014" !

31 October 2013 (Thursday) - Today, last day of October…… are you ? Hope the Snake year pass fast fast eh ? 

Fengshui Queen SG (registered mark) PREDICTIONS 2014 Talks :

1) 4 January 2014 - "Predictions 2014" Invited by Safra Mt Faber.

2) 11 January 2014 - "Predictions 2014" invited by Safra Toa Payoh.

3) 16 January 2014 - "Predictions 2014" invited by NUSS

4) 18 January 2014 - "Predictions 2014" invited by Safra Tampines

Above are my list of talks and yes, I am sorry I had turned down a few talks as I prefer to deliver only a few talks per year hence making it exclusive. You like that, right ? 

Well, if you really want to come and see me or to shake my hand for added Good Luck then come to my talk.

If you want to know when to buy gold or property then come and listen to my chun chun Predictions, ok ?  

(Yah, han cheng not so good, so must sell MORE tickets ) You may call them up for registration and see you !!!

FSQ Note : Yes, I know this year, I tend write less is because I am busy plus didn't want to write when I have nothing to say. 

It's been a Great year so far especially when I had been invited to Batam, Penang and China this year. I really enjoyed my trip very much maybe because I was more aware.

Plus this year, many many ladies like to buy me lunches or high tea, got one coming up in end Novemeber ;))) yummy yummy !!!! and see you SOOON !!!!


Lee said...

Hey Lynn,
Nice predictions.Thanks for sharing with us.I wish to read more from you in the upcoming year :) said...

This is the first time, i am attendingyour talks at Safra Toa Payoh. Please advise me do I have to purchase any tickets?