Thursday, September 12, 2013

"There is a thin line between caring and loving"

Today, 12 September 2013 (Thursday) - Hi.........feel like writing tonight. So here goes......thank you for one person who sms telling me that what I wrote in my blog which maybe very trival to me but it means the world to her cause it helps her "rethink"her current problem and help her out.

Singapore Fengshui Blog - Thank you to many who sms or what sapp me asking how to make a donation to help the Nepal kids. My reply to them was to tell them to sms to Stephen Ching.

"There is a thin line between caring and loving" -
Some people care for you and show it in various many ways. Some buy things (food) for you while some like to spend more time with you plus many others.

It is only if you have the "eyes" to "see" or to "feel" then you can KNOW. 

However some may do it silently............and if only you can "feel" then you would know.

This is CARE or is this also "love" ? 

What do you think ?

My answer is : It is the motivation of the person that is the most important. Only he or she knows ;))

Monday, September 09, 2013

It's that time of the year - to create MERITS !!!

Today, 9 September 2013 -'s that time of the year when we do a donation to help students in Nepal with their educational supplies like books, pencils, new uniforms, new shoes etc. You would remember that video clip that made me cry.

Message from Stephen Ching, my dharma friend :
It's the fifth year that I am collecting this Educational Supply Fund for our precious Guru, Khen Rinpoche Geshe Thubten Chonyi.

The good news from Khen Rinpoche this afternoon was that the fund now sponsored more than 200 students from 4 differents schools compared to the initial number of 50 students (i.e. growth of400%)!!!
It is YOU who made this possible. It is YOU who practiced generosity who allowed the students to attend school with proper uniforms and shoes with other basic necessities e.g. stationary.
Khen Rinpoche mentioned that there will be another 50-60 more students this year.

Between now till 01 Oct 2013, I will be accepting sponsorship for this annual fund raising event for the Nepalese Kids.

This fund is meant for the deprived kids in Nepal, mainly to provide for their school uniforms, shoes, stationary and the like.
Khen Rinpoche estimated that about S$100 is needed to sponsor one year supplies for one kid.

Why is this an annual event? Our Guru recognised that kids grow and the sizes (uniform and/or shoes) kept changing. Stationary and the likes are all to be replaced year-after-year. Therefore, it's very important to keep the supplies consistent.

For any kind and generous sponsors, you may message me for sponsorship details (including how many kids you would like to sponsor).

Whether you believe in karma or not, whichever faith/religion one belongs, please help to spread the words and let the love proliferate... love and kindness do not have boundaries, agree?
You really can make a difference in their lives...

On behalf of the kids in Nepal and Khen Rinpoche, many thanks in advance.

FSQ Note: You may also reach him via his mobile at +65-9011-0191
We usually write a cheque out to his name and then he would send it to Khen Rinpoche, our precious Guru who would bring it to Nepal for this Educational Supply Fund. Do donate generously to this project. Thanks !

Monday, September 02, 2013

"You light up my life"

Today, 2 September 2013 (Monday) - Hello !...........Hope you are doing well and feeling Great !!!
Well......even if you don't then still try to think of ONE thing that can make you REALLY HAPPY  every day !!!

Singapore Fengshui Queen Blog - My clients, my most precious clients are the ones who are like the "light" that brightens my life, every day and every night. Because of them I serve and serve from my heart and mind. I try not to think of anything else.

I am very fortunate in that I have many or shall I say thousands of clients already over the years and I am most thankful.

Being thankful, Being grateful is one of the merits that you must REALISE and know so that more GOOD LUCK can come your way.

On Property: When Developers give keys to clients for their new Condo, I would be there and invited to do the fengshui. This time round is on PRIVE an EC at Punggol Field where I have two clients this week in September. I am grateful.

A thing or two about LIFE : Sometimes when your spouse or friend scold you and inside your mind,  you are scolding that person back. Ah ! here is the catch ! you are actually "thinking" in your mind and that should'nt be if you are very mindful and is a practitioner in dharma.

Instead, your mind is supposed to be "silent" and not scolding nor thinking.That is being "present in the present moment". I am still trying my best all the time.

Photo : shows the lights in my office at First Centre where I use energy saving bulbs to save electricity and to go a bit more green. BTW, I don't do fax. Never liked them and prefer emails or whatsapp for communication.

Travelling: I have been invited to go Batam for a business trip on 11 and back on 12 Septemeber 2013. You can still reach me via sms to 9685-2718 ;))) This is my 3rd overseas Business Trip. Go there ..........look see, look see, chit chat, eat and come back.