Thursday, June 26, 2014

My favorite day, Vesak Day 2014

Today, 26 June 2014 - Hi… are you ? Yes, I do know that it's been quite some time since I last log in to blog. Well…….how is your year so far ?

The year so far for me: Well in the 4th lunar month, snake month, horse year, I fell sick, had flu, cough and running nose. It ran for a month till it finally stopped. When it stopped, I was very thankful and glad.

I had to work hard despite an aching body. Luckily, I went to do my body massages to get back my own energy.

Then I wondered why it took so long to recover even though I had seen the doctor 3 times !!!

Well……it was because they were digging and doing the road in front of my house (see photo below)

When I recovered,  it means that I don't have to carry lots of tissue papers and strepils. However,  the good thing was that business was very very good and they kept me very busy.

Can you see the hole they dug and filled ?

Then came the 5th lunar month which is horse month and horse year. Business continues to be good and I didn't have running nose. So I was very happy and cheerful as I go about doing my work.

Tomorrow is first day of the 6th lunar month which is goat month and horse year. So whether the month is busy or free depends on your own bazi.

Vesak Day, my favorite day, came and went……

Hope that the past few months had been good for you.

FSQ Tip : The dining table represents your career. Hence the bigger your table the better. So opt for a 8 seater dining table is best especially when you are moving into a new house.

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