Sunday, August 10, 2014

Happy 49th Birthday, Singapore !!!

Today, 10 August 2014 (Sunday) - It's a day after celebrating Singapore's 49th Birthday. And on 9th August , I managed to take some photos of our very nice flag that was on display at Sunrise Area off Yio Chu Kang where I had to do a house review.

Singapore Fengshui Queen Blog - It's already half way mark into the Horse,  Lunar Year and this year, there were so much negative things happening and some to my clients and that kept me busy plus new clients as well which I am thankful for.

a) Being able to be grateful for everything that one has - is a virtue and this also helps to create merits. 

However, you must be really grateful from the heart then it works.

b) When things don't go right like when you have lost a job/project  or when you have lost a deal, think positive. Changing the way you think can lead you to inner happiness and that brings Good Fortune and to enlightenment too.

Sometimes when you know that the deal can lead to some thing bad or worse, it is better not to do the job/deal and not to make that money.

As this extra money ? Yes, though it can help you buy a lot of things or pay your bills but it can also lead you to misery. So why do the deal ?

c) Have faith in your religion. Let the God Above guide you to a better path.

Fengshui Queen SG Note : Happy Birthday, my country of birth, Singapore  !!!  and YOU can count on me serving the nation with all of my skill and knowledge. 

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