Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Thank you for over 751 page views, yesterday !!!

Today, 27 August 2014 - Hi am writing again and just want to thank the 752 page viewers yesterday alone !!! Wah so many……I am inspired !!!

So I decided to show you another of my pix with my new pearls set bought from Pearls, Pearls Pearls at Tanglin Shopping Centre, ground floor near to Kenko. 

I simply loved her jewellery !!! I bought quite a few pieces from her and some I gave so far two away to my good friends while some I keep some waiting for special occasions to wear them ;))

Yesterday, while having coffee at the lounge at Riverview Hotel to rest and to chit chat….someone whataspp me. She is not my client but she said she did the "swing swing arm" for 40 mins till her knee caps give her some pain. Oh…..I am sorry to hear about this. But can do for 40mins ? a bit too much, isn't it ?

I do 20mins, quite ok. Can stretch to 30mins at the most and two times only and I don't like it.

So I prefer to stick to my comfortable level at 20mins.

"Swing Swing Arm" - Some good effects : After doing for one week, you tend to move your bowels every day.

Also while doing it, some people burb while some let out wind. I think the older ladies tend to let out wind. Not sure about the men !!

I also discovered that when I sing, there is more Qi !!! haha.

One thing that I don't do is : to weigh myself. 

I don't have a weighing machine at home. But friends/clients who had seen me recently said I look GOOD. Thank you very much for the compliments !!!

It is coming to 30 days already and the effect on weight loss is fast.

Most important, I told my GF that I like the Qi that stays in the body and sometimes I can feel it moving around in the tummy area and healing the other parts of the body. I like this bit which is good for our health and as we age and pushing 60.

After doing for 3 weeks now then the thigh start to slim a little.

When I sat in the sofa on the lounge, my GF saw part of my thigh. Proof mah. hehe

Photo shows : The pineapple tart that she made herself !!! wow !!! I could not refuse and so accepted them. Very nice and yummy yummy !!!

The photo is not well taken…..but I just want to record the fact that here are the pineapple tarts !!! and my black coffee was almost finished when she presented me the tarts. 

FSQ Note: Basically, I am not a very vain person. quite only. I did the exercise as I found that I was growing a bit sideways and not good for health. So when I first heard about it from my GF on 30 July 2014. I knew this is it ! this is the exercise that I must do in order to be healthy and to slim a bit.

FSQ TiP : Relax when you are free and don't worry. Then when you are busy like a bee, don't complain. Isn't that the nature of life…….we somehow are never satisfied, either way.

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