Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Today is a beautiful day !!!

Today, 26 August 2014 (Tuesday) - My Gf (I can't reveal her name lah) and I planned to have Japanese food this time and we settled for this Japanese Buffet lunch at Irodori, Riverview Hotel. S$36.80 ++ and 15% off for selected cards ;))

Part of the reason why we were meeting up again was to see whether there were any noticeable reduction of fats ! haha and to share our experiences. It was a lovely lunch and we ordered a hot sake, small bottle and drink slowly…….

Singapore Fengshui Queen Blog - the photo above shows my latest pix, taken today. Maybe some of you may not notice any difference but I personally saw a great reduction of fats since I did the "swing swing arm" exercise.

Another photo : Notice a slimmer tummy and hips ?…..The arms bit, quite slim liao but can still improve. After all, I only did this exercise for 27 days and an average of 15mins each day. I started with only 3 mins and then I increase each day by 5mins till I managed two days of 30mins. But I find that 20mins each day suits me better.

Now for the food :

And more !!!

FSQ NOTES : How ? make you want to eat Japanese food too huh ? hehe
One last photo for you, my loyal fans/friends/clients !!! Thank you so much for your warmest support !!! and I will think of some juicy FS tips to share with you in 2015 !!! ok ?

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