Tuesday, October 21, 2014

China Trip 2014 - Clouds in the sky !!!

7 October 2014 : Flying SQ Business Class from Singapore to Guangzhou, China

I had a window seat and hence was able to take photo of the clouds in the sky. Here it is and this is how it looks like….so peaceful.

9 October 2014 : Fly from Shenzhen to Xiamen, China

The clouds in the sky when I flew Xiamen Air Business Class to Xiamen from Shenzhen

On way to Xiamen 

Birds eye view of Xiamen !!!

10 October 2014 : Fly from Xiamen to Singapore !!!

3 legged toad in the sky !!!

Dragon in the sky on way back !!!

Home Sweet Home !!! It's good to be back !!!

FSQ Note : What did I learn from this trip ? Well….not much to learn except my interpretations of the cloud's meaning to me. I love to have a window seat as I like to look out to the windows to look at the clouds and when the cloud's formation is very very interesting, I would take out my mobile phone and take photos.

Fengshui Tip : If your bazi needs the earth element, then it is good to keep your nails long. However, if your bazi do not need the earth element, then keep your nails short and don't do nail extension as the gel on your nails represents earth.

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