Thursday, October 16, 2014

China Trip - 9 October 2014, Xiamen , Part 2

Our gate was very far away so we took this ! It was quite an adventure !

The driver didn't want to look this way when I took this photo !

First Class/Business Class flights can eat here and rest before the flight !

I chose the seats here where we can see when the flight is

I love window seat and so…here I am about to leave Shenzhen airport to Xiamen

Decided to take a selfie on flight to Xiamen !!! :))

Howard, my client in Xiamen suggested we take a selfie….so here it is !!! 

View from my Hotel room in Sheraton, Xiamen, China

My bed for the night, 9 October 2014

Howard was parking the car while Mrs Howard and I waited. I noticed that their car park was very high tech like SG

Thank you for the lovely accommodation at Pullman Hotel, 7 & 8 October 2014 and wonderful dinners !!!

My room at Pullman Hotel, Dongguan, China, 7 & 8 October 2014

Came up to shower, change and to go downstairs for dinner - lift lobby at level 16.  Every minute counts when overseas !!!

Lobby Ground level, Pullman Hotel

Dinner begins with cold dish !

Fried Chicken ! Yummy !

Ah Steamed Fish ! Lovely !!!

I think they call this Hairy Crab ?
Same photo - we all have lovely champagne !!!

Group Photo with 8 of us !!!