Friday, February 06, 2015

4 February 2015 - Li Chun !!!

Client took this at Kovan in the evening

Photo taken at 2200 hours and yet people are still in the Q

FSQ NOTE : I started this practice of putting money in the bank on Li Chun in 2003 then in 2005, I announced it to all participants who come and listen to me speak on "Predictions" and till this year in 2015….many people followed.

I sincerely hope that many did see the results : that their wealth did grow over the years !!!

That is my motivation ,  to help my clients and to share this "special fengshui tip" to all.

However, do take note that : As long as the bank is open, anytime is a good time to go and deposit either cash or cheques to your savings account or company's account.

It is my belief that when we do something, it is never too superstitious !!!
Therefore, there is no need to follow any timing…..any timing that is convenient for you is good enough.

I never like my clients to be too superstitious, reasonable is ok and know why you do certain things for a Good reason.

Many thanks to those clients who took these photos above and allowed me to share with everyone !!!

Hope your Li Chun was GREAT !!!!

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Alex said...

I forgot to deposit money on Li Chun day so can I deposit on the 19th of february ?