Friday, August 28, 2015

Much Ado about Nothing

Today, 28 August 2015 (Friday) - How are you ? How have you been so far in the year of the Goat ? Hope that you are doing ok. Whether we are busy with work or simply too free because got "no work"… goes on.

The Election is coming and I found many news and updates mostly from my Facebook, daily. That will keep us and me busy for a while.

The year of the Goat - We are now into the 7th lunar month and still have a couple of months left before the year of the Fire Monkey kicks in.

Those born in the Goat or Ox year - If you are really have a hard time this year just bear with it till earliest 22 Dec 2015 that is when the nose of the Monkey appears. Observe this date. That is observe if things/events happen to you on this date is good or not.

"Swing Swing Arm" - Are you still doing the swing swing arm exercise at least for 20 mins ? I seldom do but I am still trying my best to do at least once a week. Hope the result is showing…..can see from my photo above. hehe

Travelling - I will be traveling soon to Batam then to China. Wish me a safe flight ok ?

My new dresses from Wolford - How do you like my new black and blue dress from Wolford ? suits me or not… GF and I plan for a trip to HK next year shopping and I plan to buy more new dresses.  So until then ……you will see me often in these !!! haha

Viewership - Thank you for the wonderful support from my loyal fans/clients who still come to read what I write. There was a day, I had over 1,100 viewers. Wow. Am really thankful that you haven't forgotten about me.

FSQ Note : When business is slow, go on a vegetarian diet for just a day. You will be surprised to see some results !!! and happy working !!!

One of my favorite that I follow…so enjoy listening

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Still like this song very much…so enjoy !

The meaning of Life !

Today, 20 August 2015 - Have you ever wake up each morning and wondered why you need to get up and go to school or to work ? And why can't you stay in bed a little longer and longer till you are VERY ready to get up ?

Well…..most people are employees so they will need to get up by a certain time so that they won't be late for work.

However there are a few who are entrepreneurs so their time is their own calling. These are the fortunate few.  However, how much they earn they are answerable to their own.

I have often heard people telling me that it is called : "Own time, Own target"

The first time, I heard it from an agent who is not my client, I laughed. Then when I was home…..I pondered on what this person said to me : Is it really for my case "Own time, Own target" ?

I thought over it for a while and then I found my own answer.

The answer for myself is : "No target, No deadlines" this is because I like to be free. That is free to do anything that I wish for every day.

However, I usually have to work and meet my clients. Then when I am finished, I am free.

SO STILL …"No target, No deadlines"

However even when I set it to be free, there are bills to pay, housing loans and car loans to pay. I have to bear them all. That's fine as I can handle them.

In fact, almost everybody has bills and loans to pay mah…not just me.

Well…….where does all this lead you to ?

Well……I want to find the meaning for life ? the purpose of life ? so that my life can be a bit more meaningful other than helping people with their destiny readings or their office/house fengshui.

Since 1994 when I first step foot into Amitabha Buddhist Centre, I was searching for this - The meaning of life.

And I found it !!!

One day, a Lama (Lama Zopa Rinpoche) was giving a talk at ABC and he said : We should make our life meaningful by having motivation to help others. And in that our own happiness can be found too.

Since then I use that as my motivation every day when I wake up - to serve those who come to me for help. Call it destiny, Call it fate…..that's how they became my clients.

I share this with you hoping that you can also find your own meaning of your life and live the life you want. Most importantly, BE HAPPY.

FSQ Tip : Price of gold has risen recently to US$1138.6 per ounce and still moving up.

Video showing Ivan graduating from NTU, 1st August 2015

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

More photos of my unit at Space@Kovan

This photo taken on 17 August 2015

Finally bought one furniture, the Queen size bed from Scanteak. Oh and the bedroom is full !!!

Sunset on 17 August 2015
The bathroom with the ceiling lights

6th Level - Pool area

This is how the swimming pool looks like on 6th level

On 1st August 2015, my eldest son, Ivan Goh graduated from NTU !!!

Ivan with his friends

My eldest son, Ivan Goh and me - Ivan graduated with a degree from NTU in Fine Arts and Digital Animation. Currently, he is working and my second son, Alex is now in NTU first year in Mechanical Engineering.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Happy 50th Birthday, Singapore !

Today, 9 August 2015, most of us will be celebrating Singapore's 50th Birthday !!!

My family & I wishes everyone Happy holidays and enjoy yourselves during this special long weekend. Cheers !!!