Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas, everyone !!!

If you like to …...

Hi friends, Amitabha Bhuddist Centre at 44 Lorong 25A Geylang is seeking for sponsorship to this 1000 armed Chenreizig to be placed on the ground floor of this centre.

If you like to help sponsor real gold in this 1000 armed Chenrezig, you are welcome to. Kindly whataspp or text Stephen at 9011-0191.

Closing date is : 30 December 2015. So far second round, we had collected about 160 grams. Many thanks to the sponsors and I rejoice in your effort.

Stephen will collect the names and the grams pledged. Then he will go down to UOB Bank to buy the real gold in a package and then send them to ABC with a list of the sponsors names and in grams.

First round,  we collected 150 grams and here are some of the photos.  Rejoice !!!


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

"Predictions 2016" - the year of the Monkey

Today : 2 December 2015 - Hi….how have you been ? Good, I hope. It's already December and gosh how time flies…..and now it is back to the computer to do the slides for the coming talk.

Here are the list of my "Predictions 2016" talks :

1) 9 January 2016 - invited by Safra Tampines

2) 16 January 2016 - invited by Safra Mt Faber

3) 23 January 2016 - invited by Hometeam NS, Bukit Batok

4) 28 January 2016 - invited by NUSS

5) 30 January 2016 - invited by Hometeam NS, Balestier

For details, kindly contact them to register and make a booking. See you !!!

FSQ NOTE : For my Fengshui Queen SG 2016 tip ?  : Oh….….you had better come and listen to it personally or ask me any questions. See you there !!!