Thursday, February 09, 2017

Why consult a Destiny / Life Reader ?

Today, 10 February 2017 - Today, going to do fengshui for residence. I believe everyone in office would still be in the festive spirit afterall we are still at the first lunar month of the Rooster year.

How are things so far ?
When things are going smoothly......let it be.

Destiny / Life Reading - Today, I wish to talk about why people consult destiny / life reading ?

Why ?

There are many reasons but I shall attempt to reveal a few :
1) Their friends already did and said is good. They are encouraged to do so.

2) This year is their year so they want to come and read their life.

3) This year , the year clash with their time of birth, they also seek a destiny reader.

3) They had their life reading done else where but just want to hear what this master have to say.

4) Some unexpected negative things happen to them, therefore they seek help by going to a destiny / life reader.

5) They have always believed in destiny / life reading. So they go and see every master they have heard of and is famous. Then they do a comparison.

What are the benefits of going to do a Destiny / Life  Reading ?
1) Many people after having their life reading done, their luck changes for the better.

2) Desiny / Life Readers have the power (skilled knowledge) to help them balance their bazi (based on birthday, time and country of birth) . The purpose was to balance all the 5 elements.

When the elements are balanced, good fortune would follow isnt' it ? It makes sense to you ?

3) Some people having done their life readings already thereafter also do their house feng shui. As they believed that this master can help them improve their lives and make things smoother.

Ok.....I will stop here and contiune when I can.

Fengshui Queen SG tip : Try using the words spoken from the mouth to make things HAPPEN for you. TRY IT, it works !!! 😆

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