Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Coming to terms on Today

Today, 26 April 2017 - Today, I went to do fengshui at Ecopolitan. This is my 8th unit here at Punggol Walk. I felt very blessed to be able to come here again. Yesterday, I was at Suntec, Sky Garden helping my clients check if that place is suitable for them or not.

Actually, I plan to do fasting on this day as it is the 4th Lunar month and 1st day….but since I have  work to do then I'll do my fasting on another day. 

This is my mindset - to always go with the flow. I can work any day in a whole year except Vesak Day which is a very important day for us, Buddhists. 

Usually on this day, I would take my 8 Mahayana Precepts and meditate or read dharma book or these days watch Dharma in Youtube.

Thank you to a lady client who whataspp me recently telling me that : Whenever she has any issue she can't solve, she would go and read my blog and ……somehow there is an answer for her !

I am very glad that my blog, Fengshui Savvy Investor is able to help people. I hope this blog can continue to help many many more people around the world.

On Dharma : Always remember that - whatever problem or issues that you are now facing is only temporary. Just bear with it as sometimes, it is the year only, this year only…. that you face such a problem. But when 22 December 2017 comes, who knows…all your issues would by then be solved.

On Dharma : I have recently started writing in mandarin in Weibo. You can search for me there and follow me. It is : Lynn Yap 2017. I started Weibo is to learn dharma from Buddhist Monks there.

At the same time, is to write what my thoughts on dharma and let others see my past photographs where I went to India and Nepal and met with many Rinpoches,  my spiritual journey.

Fengshui Queen SG Tip : If you wish for a baby boy then buy a baby doll, porcelain with blue clothes and suck a pacifier and place him on the wishing cabinet in your wealth area of your house. That way, you can be pregnant and can have a baby boy !!!

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