Thursday, May 11, 2017

Days after Vesak…...

Today, 12 May 2017 (Friday) - It is a lovely time to be home to do "nothing"……actually I continue to read the 3 ebooks that I bought and downloaded on Vesak Day and to use Google Play to read them. I alternate reading with the books as somehow it is not my style to finish reading one book and then go to another.

But when I read……..I focus on the words and it is as if Sifu, Master Sheng Yen is speaking to you. I can even sense his presence. Months before arriving at this stage, I had already felt a close connection with this sifu. Then I learn that he had passed on in 2009…..but then was determine to check out his disciples…..

What do I understand from Master Sheng Yen so far -
That we are connected in our minds. We don't even need to speak to one another. This is how we can connect. Hence, we are still able to connect to Master Sheng Yen in some ways if we practice hard enough. If you have wisdom, you can feel and you will know. So let's sit and sit and meditate….

Vesak Day is always a very special day to me…..whatever that I do on that day.

On Dharma - If you like to learn and read more, try reading up on Master Sheng Yen and his Chan Buddhism or go to their websites :

On fengshui Case Studies-You know some people are afraid to buy second hand homes owned previously by other owners for fear that maybe that is a spirit that is still staying in that house or in that particular room etc.

This is real and can FEEL. But because we do not have the special ability to "chase spirits" away or to liberate them, I usually tell my clients to get professional help (monks) from temples. They would know what to chant and to liberate the spirits.

Some people has the gift of "sight", some can see spirits…which I was told is not good to be able to see. However those who can recite Tee Chang Zin will never be able to see them because these ghosts or spirits will help you and would not dare to show "face" to you !

For me, I have the gift of sense….I can sense them when they are around.

Earlier this year, I went to do a house fengshui and the mother asked me if I can feel anything in that particular room and I looked surprised and replied : "yes".

Then she asked me what to do… this time, I was learning/reciting Tee Chang Zin (currently 12 times)…so I gave her the YouTube address of Tee Chang Zin (one hour) (as I know most of my clients do not have the patience to play longer than one hour) and asked her to play daily and to burn incense in the room. I also gave her the chant so that she knows how to chant the short ones.

FSQ Note - Use your creative  and intuitive sense to re create your wealth area which is a very important area in fengshui. Look carefully…..look at the colors, is it correct color. Check for glass or mirrors there….check for empty bowls….etc etc.

These are the blockages towards wealth coming in……….

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