Sunday, May 07, 2017

Today - A special blessed Sunday….

Hi today is 7 May 2017 Sunday - Hi… are you ? I am just home from work and  am getting quite excited as Vesak Day is coming… do you spend the day ? This year, I hope you can go full vegetarian for one whole day ! and at the same time visit temples to offer big big candles, flowers, pujas ok ?

As for me, every Vesak Day, I would take my 8 Mahayana Precpets and observe it till sun rise the next morning then I can eat again. 

Fasting and prayers help to cleanse our negative karma as well as to bring in merits which we all need. I also like to meditate on this day as the energies are all so different and very very nice to sit down and meditate. I hope that I can go further this time….

On Fengshui Case Studies - Once I was invited to do a house fengshui review somewhere in the western part of Singapore. The lady there told me that there is a certain spirit that always disturb her at her home. Sometimes the spirit can also follow her to her workplace and come back by itself.

I then asked her a few questions : when it is very dark at night, did you see a black ball in your ceiling of your bedroom or even at the living room ? she replied YES !….

Then I suggested her to some cleansing of her house and at the same time to invite some Monks to go to her house and do some chanting.

In fengshui theory - to cleanse spirits in the house is to open the windows or main door at the wealth area and let the good Qi flow in ……as the good Qi can then over ride the bad Qi that is there and then becomes converted into good Qi.

This is a fengshui secret and you can read about them in old ancient chinese fengshui books. So your mandarin need to be a certain standard. Otherwise, you may not be able to understand the chinese text.

FSQ Note : The color clothes that we wear to work every day are actually very very important in determining whether today at work is going to be a smooth day or not. Have you noticed it ? The power of strong observation of energy flow is very important and you, yourself can learn how to observe. Try ok ? :)))

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