Monday, May 01, 2017

Today… the month of beautiful May !

Today, 1 May 2017 - Am home now and decided to work on my blog……

On Dharma - Sometimes, in life, we didn't get what we wished for may be a good thing in disguise. However, sometimes we are not aware and so we may blame every body or every thing. This is a wrong mindset.

Learn to see things using your "wisdom" rather than your own "eyes". Ok ?

On Bazi - Some people's bazi chart need wood and fire element. Then I would advise them to buy two Chillie Padi plants and place it in their sector. For example: if it is for a married lady then the plants would have to be placed in the South West Sector of the house.

On fengshui - Some people should never buy a house on the second level especially if the ground floor is hollow as it means that there is no wealth in this house. Because below is a gap or a big hole. If there is a ground floor unit below yours then it is ok.

FSQ Note : Vesak is coming….so from now till Vesak Day try fasting a little bit. That is don't eat too full as this is good for personal luck !!!

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