Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Your dining table represent your career !!!

Today, 17 May 2017 (Wednesday) - One lady client brought me to Pan Pacific Hotel to have lunch and yes, it is vegetarian for me, followed by her son's annual review for 2018.

On Dharma : One of the best method to start is to learn how to meditate. You can Google or Yahoo search for any teachers who teaches meditation without any religion if you wish or get one who teaches in a Buddhist temple etc  depending on your faith.

On Fengshui Case Studies:

This time,  I want to talk about dining table - this table represent your career and therefore the more solid the table, the better the career. And also, the longer the table is (that is can sit 10 persons) the better your career.

Most of the time, I recommend a 6 seater then when clients moved to a bigger house, we get a 8 seater one etc.

For those who uses the 6 seater dining table, then I recommended that they also eat in the kitchen and eat at the living room that way, they can have 3 dining tables !!! hehe :)))

The material of the table also mattered. Therefore, we will need to check the clients' bazi (bb) and then see if wooden or marble table is the best for them.

Fengshui Queen Singapore Note : The kitchen represents your career too in particular the stove which represents fire. Hence, no water elements directly opposite the stove. Therefore, do not have a sink or fridge or washing machine directly facing the stove.

If not then the water will reduce the stove which is fire element and therefore the fire element can extinguish…..

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