Friday, June 16, 2017

Encounter with Master Sheng Yen

Hi, Today is 16 June 2017 - Hi….how do you like my two postings on "Chin Kang Chin" ? I heard that if you can understand this Sutra, you will soon be on the way to enlightenment.

Today, I would like to share with you about my encounter with Master Sheng Yen :
It all began last year when I chanced upon Venerable Hai Tao's Youtube videos on Dharma Teachings. He kept talking about "Tee Chang Chin" and so one day, I searched and watched this Youtube. 

First time I played was about last year July 2016 and I could feel my third eye moving. Therefore I know that I had recited this chin in my previous life. I also could sense that I was a male in my previous lifetime.

Eversince that day, every day when I come home from work, I would play the "Tee Chang Chin" on Youtube and also in my office when I have the one hour free time as this Sutra takes up an hour. It is quite a long "Chin".

It was only on 21 December 2016, a day before the rooster (22 December) that one of my client's sister whom I know rather well, fell very ill (lost consciousness) that I decided to recite Tee Chang Chin for the first time !!!

Oh…..the experience was indeed unforgettable ! Then thereafter whenever it was 1st or 15th day of the lunar month, I would try to recite it. Some of you may know of my other experiences with Tee Chang Chin in my Facebook….. :)))

Then I sort to find Fa Shi who could explain Tee Chang Chin to me…hence you can see so many Fa Shi speak on Tee Chang Chin…..almost all of them I watched. I was very very hard working !!!

I also heard Master Sheng Yen's explanation of Tee Chang Chin but it did not catch my attention until I watched Master Sheng Yen's explanation on "Chin Kang Chin" and it was so fantastic that I decided that he was going to be my sifu !!!

So I continued to watch his YouTube videos and on Vesak Day this year, bought 3 ebooks, currently bought 4 books and ordered 4 more books from Amazon. Below is one of the book, I ordered as I like to read about the Sutras of Ning Heng as he can help us gain Sudden Enlightment.

The above 3 are the ebooks that I had bought during Vesak Day 2017 -

Currently, I do not have any photo of Master Sheng Yen yet to show you but he is now on my mind, most of the time. I learned many things from him, like taking vows and so I already did 4 vows. One of which was to go to Pure Land !!! that means that I must chant "Ai Mi To Fo" every day and every time and even during sleep !!!!

Then when I discovered that Master Sheng Yen had passed on…..yes, it did sadden my heart for a while but I sort out his disciples and one of them shared in Youtube on how to gain enlightenment and how it was like…..I shall share this video with you later.

When I first saw Master Sheng Yen's photo, tears  rolled down my cheeks……it was tears of compassion and I knew that Master Sheng Yen probably did a compassionate vow that whoever saw his photo or heard of his name could all feel "compassion"

Subsequently, I dreamt of him wearing grey color robes walking in with all his monks and I was already inside the temple. So far…..this was the only dream I had of him.

I also sort out Podcast and listened to some of his Darma Heirs and I wished to become like them too.

One question before I go ……
Do you know where is your mind ?

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