Thursday, July 27, 2017

The week that is here and now !

Hi Today is 27 July 2017 - Hi… are you ? busy ? Sounds good. See the book above…it arrived !!! Currently reading this…..

Destiny Reading - Two persons asked me in whatsapp how to be stubborn so that money can come. Well … is the example : Example, you applied for a new job and the new job offers you a salary that is way below your expectation.

Here…by being stubborn and refused to accept the pay package given to you because you felt that you deserve more….actually can turn things around.

Because the new Company can then decide to pay you at the salary that you ask for and that is because you have been very stubborn about it. ok ? Can get it ? ;)))

New Condo - Bellewaters EC - I was here this week….

As usual I was early for my appointment and therefore I read my book or chant or take selfie. Here is one cute photo !

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