Thursday, August 03, 2017

3ways to improve relationship between Mother and Child -

Today, 3 August 2017 - How are you getting on in this second month of the 6th lunar month ? Well......for me personally, I quite like it as when I am meditating, I find that the energies are good and strong.

I think you can feel the same too. Well.....this Sunday is the 15th day of the lunar month and I can imagine how strong the energies will be on that day !!! so I am going to stay meditating for quite long........hopefully more than 2 hours (I like to break my own record) and hope that I can have another break through.

Although, I do know that we are not to expect anything during meditation ! :))

On Mother and Child relationship - this topic constantly crop up on and off among my clients and I would like to share some notes on this. So that hopefully those who didn't have an opportunity to come and see me can read about them here and learn.

There are 3 basic rules to follow:
1) Firstly, as a mother , you will need to learn how to respect your child - this is very important as you do not want your child to grow up and start calling you names or even scolding you in public, right ?

Hence, we have to start things right from the beginning.....when they first start to talk and to walk.

Respecting your child means to ask permission. Example: when you are outside his room door, ask him, is it convenient for me to come in ?

2) Secondly, do not control your child like he or she is an object - children when they are young, can listen to you. However when they have grown up already, you may find that it is not easy to "control" them.

Actually at this stage, you need to exert some influence on them but also allow them, freedom.

3) Thirdly, be friends with them - as the child grows up especially at the teenager level, there is a need to play with them or to be simply their friends. that way, you and him/her are on the same level of communication, neither one having more "power" than the other.

Fengshui Queen SG Tips : When all else fails, pray to your God on your child's behalf or even offer a lighted candle on your child's behalf to Buddha or Kuan Yin or any other God that you pray to. It is this faith that will keep the relationship going from strength to strength.

If there is an altar table at home, you can do it there. If not then offer a lighted candle but look up at the sky and then leave the lighted candles somewhere in the open shelves of the living room.

PS: Do you like the two photographs that I had taken ? lovely isn't it......

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