Friday, August 04, 2017

4 August 2017 (Friday) -

4 August 2017 - waiting for Grab Car......

4 August 2017 - seated at Bellewaters Condo

Today, 4 August 2017 (Friday) -, I was down at Bellewaters Condo again. I was early as usual so I read my book or chant or take selfie like the one above ! Nice or decide. I took the two photos mainly to check and see if can "see" my own aura.......see whether can see anything special or not ;)))

I am looking at the "cracked" up face......and am learning "Ta Yin Sen". Share with you tomorrow....or come join me in my Facebook.

Blog Visitors - Thank you to over 168 visitors to my blog yesterday......

Here is another photo of Bellewater Condo taken today -

See the nice sofa here.....yes , so nice to sit here and with the wind blowing........

On meditation - Some clients came to see me to thank me for writing my blog as they said that they learnt many things from here including meditation. One day when I am free, I shall see how I can share with you about meditation....maybe through youtube.

In the meantime, keep your meditation ....steady. Every day must meditate, ok ?

On dharma and buddhism - There are over 1,000 YouTube videos by Chan Master Sheng Yen and I can share some with you that for those who can understand only English can read the subtitles.

You will need to subscribe to the Youtube videos then you can see a whole lot of over 1,000 videos there for you to select which one to view first.

On Feng Shui - Usually when we check the fengshui, we will take compass direction of the unit and then find out how is the house fengshui in general and explain that to clients.

Then if that unit has any wealth area or power/health area etc. We also talked about many things like bed facing, wall colours, curtain colours etc 

Any ceiling fan or use wall mounted fans etc...

The whole session usually last one and half hours.

Fengshui Queen SG Tip : The latest craze was on the carrying of handerchief in the handbag....hehe.....some I even recommended that she carry a big, long shawl. The bigger the wood, the better !!!   :)))

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