Wednesday, August 02, 2017

A busy week !!!

Today, 2 August 2017 - This week I was again at The Terrace as clients had collected their keys on that day.....I had to be there to take a compass direction on their actual site rather than based on the compass on the brochure, done earlier. This is my 3rd clients here in this condo. 

On Meditation : How is it coming along ? I do hope that you can find the time to do meditation. Sitting Meditation is best if not can try walking meditation or lying down meditation.

On Dharma : Why is it important for us to go spiritual ? It is important for us to go spiritual especially when you don't wish to come back to be reborn again as a human being or even come back as ant or bird ? Therefore we learn how to go spiritual and best is to learn from a dharma teacher who is usually a monk or a nun.

Of course, you can start by learning from Youtube videos. Last year, I spent many hours watching them after work and this year I discovered that I like Chan Buddhism and therefore began to watch videos or podcast related to this.

How do I know why I like Chan Buddhism ?
It is because when the minute I listen to it....I just knew that this is the buddhism meant for me. It is like it is "very me".......

So.......go find out what suits you, ok ?

On Fengshui : Recently, clients came to do Destiny readings and they complained that business was they do sales. Then as we discussed further, we discovered that one window of their bedroom in their house, seldom opened and it can happen to be their wealth area ! 

Hence, for a particular client, I had informed them to open the windows at least once a week and for 30 mins. Just try to do something differently from what they usually do so that they can see good results.

On Destiny Reading : This is a very interesting and very accurate reading based on a person's birthdate, time and sex. It can tell many many things and usually depends on the reader. That is how much info the reader wants to reveal.

Photo taken at my parents' house, 100 Jalan Kuras, last Sunday

Fengshui Queen SG Tip : Try opening one set of windows in your house for 30 mins, once a week in order to get new Qi to come to your house and then you can have new things happening to you ! Try this !

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