Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Happy 52 Birthday, Singapore !!!

Today, 10 August 2017 (Thursday) - Hi.........Happy Birthday, Singapore !!!! Photo was taken yesterday at The Terrace and then taken from my Facebook profile. Simply love their beautiful frames that you can use to add on to our Profile. Try it !!!

Some of us may be on holiday today while some of us will be working, life is like that isn't it ? or maybe some may be going to school on Friday. For me, I will be working later this afternoon. Where there is work, I go and work and where there isn't, I meditate or watch Youtube Videos or read a book.

On Dharma - Do you believe in reincarnation ? that is after you have passed on, you can come back to earth either as a hungry ghost, an animal or even as a human being ?

And if you prefer to come back as a human being then it is best to quickly go take 5 precepts. Just remember that this is very very important.

While for some like me, we do not wish to come back to the circle of life and death anymore, hence we want to be come a Buddha !!! yes, to gain enlightenment !!!

Actually, can be quite easy if you study Diamond Sutra , The Platform Sutra by Hui Neng and The Shurangama Sutra.

On Chanting - I have recently learnt a new chant and it is here in the YouTube Video. If you enjoy this chant, can also chant this.

However, if you chant "Om Mani Padme Hum", you will need to do 1,000 chants first before you can start to see the power of the chant. Then after that, go for 10,000 chants.

Some people buy a small prayer wheel and turn it clockwise to enhance their chanting. Then very fast can reach 10,000 chants.

How to use the power of the chant ? in the old days, it is quite difficult to get a taxi right ? so I usually chant "Om Mani Padme Hum" silently then very fast, I get a taxi already. hehe

On Shurangama Sutra - I found some nice English Youtube videos on spoken English on this Shurangama Sutra, you may wish to listen to them. For me, personally, I like this sutra very much and am learning more about it.

This photo was taken yesterday as I was there for work at The Terrace EC.......and the place was quite quiet as it was a public holiday. Hope you had enjoyed our National Day Holiday, yesterday. Every moment is precious and try to be here with your mind, every time, ok ? 

On Feng Shui Direction - I shall share with you about the new house facing. About 4 of my clients house facing at this new condo was mostly North East. Most of them checked the fengshui before they buy. Then we waited for the houses to be built then this year, the new condo TOP and clients collected keys to their new condo. Then I went to do the detailed fengshui.

So that when the year 2024 arrives, their wealth area would be in the living room or the balcony where there can be lots of fresh Qi coming to their house till 2043 (the next 20 years). Hence, we will termed that the fengshui is very very good.

So if now you are planning to buy a new house (not yet built) choose the side with the most windows as facing North East (for HDB apartments/newcondo) so that you can get a good fengshui house !!! 

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