Saturday, August 05, 2017

On Dharma......

Today, 5 August 2017 (Saturday) - Early this morning around 2am, I woke up to do my is yours going ? Good ? I hope. Keep going as and when you find the time, just keep doing.

When I first learnt meditation in 1994, I could not sit still for long as my legs would cramp and I would then end my meditation. I like to sit in the balcony and near the sky. Sometimes I can only sit for 10 mins but I realised that that the more I sit each evening, the better I was till I could sit for 30 mins.

It was quite easy for me to sit and mediate hence I realised that in my past life, I probably had done sitting meditation and that was why it was quite easy for me to sit and to progress quite fast.

510 Pageviews yesterday - Thank you to the many visitors to my blog yesterday. Hope that you do enjoy reading and do come back for more....ok ?

On Dharma - Recently, when I am home, I would listen to Venerable Hong Bok's teachings on Surangama Sutra. I also went to his Facebook and watch more videos there. When I find some interesting ones, I would usually share it in my blog.

In one of his teachings, Venerable mentioned that we are to take our 5 precepts so that after we are passed on, we can come back as a human form and then to learn the dharma and hopefully to improve further.

Do you feel hungry looking at this photo ? hehe ;))) Are you full vegetarian yet ?

If in this lifetime, you do not take the 5 precepts and then kaput then maybe can be reborn as animals, hungry ghosts or even go to Hell.

Scared or not ? if you are then first take the refuge first then take the 5 precepts.

If you haven't met your Dharma teacher yet, it is ok........can follow the Youtube videos and then take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha and then take the 5 precepts.

I did that last year and took 5 precepts under Venerable Hai Tao and Venerable Chuan Xi

Only after Vesak Day this year 2017, I discovered Chan Master Sheng Yen and followed his teachings and discovered The Diamond Sutra, The Surangama Sutra as well as the Platform Sutra of Hui Neng.

All these helped me progress in my meditation and to my own awakening.......

Currently, I am practising Chan Buddhism.......and Hua Tou......"What is wu?"

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