Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Today, 2 books arrived from Amazon !

Today, 16 August 2017 (Wednesday) - I was at Soon Wing Industrial Building and was early so I look for food and here it is !!! (see photo above).  As a buddhist, we tend not to be too particular about food. Remember I said that - not to say the food is nice or not nice ? No more judging.....if you can do this, you are a very good practicing buddhist.

Then I waited for my Grab Car to free right ? So I took a selfie and here it is, using the app, Camera 360. No matter how you take, somehow you will turn out looking pretty. hehe. try it yourself ok ?

Photo taken today at the guard house, seated at Soon Wing Industrial Building,
 going to Robinson Road

On Books - My two new books arrived today from Amazon. One was on The Diamond Sutra by Red Pine (just wanted to read why this book is so famous) the other was on The Surangama Sutra, a thick book in English.

On going Vegetarian - When you are on a full vegetarian diet, you will need to understand why you are doing it .....for what purpose. That way, when you go vegetarian, you will have a strong faith to carry it on......because there are many temptations around...and especially when you see your  favourite, favourite food in front of you !! That is one test !!

On Chanting - My chant is on Tee Zhang Wan because this is my favourite and this is also where I renewed my buddhist faith especially last year. I chant : "Na mo ta yuan tee chang wan pu sar". It is definitely more than 1,000 times already.......and I lost count whether got reach 10,000 or not.

A male client told me that I had developed very fast in my buddhist practice. I kept quiet and smiled. Actually, in the last two months, I had taken 3 times, 8 precepts. There were days when I was not working right ? So I took the 8 Mahayana Precepts and ate only one meal a day.

I can do it and when afternoon comes and feel hungry,  I would make hot ginger tea and drink it and then I am ok. This can help to slim down and also to create a lot of merits.

You can Google Search and then follow the 8 Mahayana Precepts there. There are steps to take and to  follow.......

My latest chant is on Surangama Heart Mantra as I am into Surangama Sutra. I am still learning it by heart......this one is a bit difficult but ok lah. When you have the faith to do it, you can learn de.

Fengshui Queen SG Tip : In the wealth area, if you do not wish to put a water feature, then you can leave a radio on and turn it on 24 hours to activate wealth. Try it, it works too !!!

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