Thursday, February 16, 2017

Why people consult fengshui ?

16 February 2017 (Thursday) - Today, I had 2 readings in office and am now home......resting then later at 8.30pm, I have to go to work, FS.

My forte is in fengshui though many people also like to seek a destiny reading with me.

Maybe they want to see if this master is "chun" or know what Singaporeans are like lah. 😆😆😆

Anybody needing help in house fengshui, people would recommend my name. Then I go off to check the house for them. These few times, it was because some family members fell sick then they decided to engage a fengshui master.

Some is going to collect keys to their new condo or HDB then they decided to engage a fengshui master.

These people even have a group chat in whatsapp !!!

I wonder what they talk about in their whatsapp group chat......

One of my lady client who had visited me years ago and still come yearly was surprised to learn that actually I am very famous and good. She whatsapp to inform that is how I got to know about it......hehe

Then...I tell her...this and that.

Ok...........since I am on the topic of fengshui, I shall say why people consult fengshui :
1) Usually people tend to fall sick or children fall sick then they decide to engage a fengshui master.

2) When they are getting keys to their house, be it new HDB flats or new condo.

3) Before they buy a new house, they will engage a fengshui master to go on site to check for them.

4) Their friends had their house fengshui done so they also decided to engage a fengshui master. This was because their house has too many glass cabinet doors and mirrors, which are a Big No No in our brand of fengshui which is based on Xuan Kong fengshui which incorporates the element of time.

Fengshui became popular only the last 20 the past very few people seek fengshuj. Well.....that was because most people do not understand what fengshui really is and how it can really affect their lives.

Once correct principles of fengshui are applied to the house / office or factory, the energies in that environment changes for the better.

The change usually come 3 months later.

That is why when clients engage our services, we usually tell them 3 months later you should see the first instant of wealth. Then you know that the fengshui has started.

🔴 Fengshui Queen SG tip : you would remember that one lady client came up to speak to me at Safra Tampines and inform me that she strike Toto, one million dollars. Well, she told me she followed my tip of putting lots of coins on the table in her wealth area and she insert the wining ticket there. Then she strike !  😆

Another male client came recently to see me and said he also placed his Toto tickets and 4D tickets on the wealth area with lots of coins on them and he strike ! He said though he strike small small but he is very happy and said to me "you are the best" !!!

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Why consult a Destiny / Life Reader ?

Today, 10 February 2017 - Today, going to do fengshui for residence. I believe everyone in office would still be in the festive spirit afterall we are still at the first lunar month of the Rooster year.

How are things so far ?
When things are going smoothly......let it be.

Destiny / Life Reading - Today, I wish to talk about why people consult destiny / life reading ?

Why ?

There are many reasons but I shall attempt to reveal a few :
1) Their friends already did and said is good. They are encouraged to do so.

2) This year is their year so they want to come and read their life.

3) This year , the year clash with their time of birth, they also seek a destiny reader.

3) They had their life reading done else where but just want to hear what this master have to say.

4) Some unexpected negative things happen to them, therefore they seek help by going to a destiny / life reader.

5) They have always believed in destiny / life reading. So they go and see every master they have heard of and is famous. Then they do a comparison.

What are the benefits of going to do a Destiny / Life  Reading ?
1) Many people after having their life reading done, their luck changes for the better.

2) Desiny / Life Readers have the power (skilled knowledge) to help them balance their bazi (based on birthday, time and country of birth) . The purpose was to balance all the 5 elements.

When the elements are balanced, good fortune would follow isnt' it ? It makes sense to you ?

3) Some people having done their life readings already thereafter also do their house feng shui. As they believed that this master can help them improve their lives and make things smoother.

Ok.....I will stop here and contiune when I can.

Fengshui Queen SG tip : Try using the words spoken from the mouth to make things HAPPEN for you. TRY IT, it works !!! 😆

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

The 12th day into the lunar new year 2017 !!!

Hi, today is 8 February 2017 - my apointments today take me to Circuit Road HDB FS (my 3rd Fengshui checks this Rooster year) then to factory review at Aljunied area then to Anson Road, office review.

Yes.........I have been working hard on the ground helping familes and offering them good advice.

When you have appointments back to back, it is best to take public transport and use a cab.

Yes, I do own a car. It is a BMW 5 series. I am not a good driver hence I prefer to take taxies and give money to them.

Personally, I like to use Grab Taxi and only sometimes Grab car. These days my second trip, I have a s$5/- off from Grab Taxi. Heard promo ends 17 February 2017. You may wish to try.....Promo code : CNY5

And during Chinese New Year time, I gave hong pows to all drivers who took me to where ever I needed to go. Thank you, drivers for working on the first two days of CNY.

This Samsung Note is not easy for writing a blog and I have difficulty in adding my latest photos......later let me see how I can manage this, ok ?

The last one month before CNY had been an incredibly craxy month......each year it was the same. Somehow I felt that my last month's work scheduled was planned quite nicely except for the evening showers that had me getting a bit wet when I reached home.

But my clients had been very understanding and patient with me as I go about doing my work every day.

Sometimes, clients whatsapp me but I took two days then I replied them. Mostly was because my schedule was full and they all wanted to see me before CNY !!!

Well, I somehow managed to see them at 9.30am apointment or evenings at 7.30pm appointments. That was last lunar year of the final laps of the Monkey year.

Many of us realy wished that it went off FAST !!! Hehe 😁

Now we are into the 12 days of the Rooster year. now, you should be able to feel....either you like this Rooster year or you don't.

Ok....for now. Need to get ready for work today at 10am.

Before I is one tip for you.

Fengshui Queen SG tip : Do not believe in what ever anyone tells you. Until you have experienced it yourself that that is true.......or it may be false.

Your personal experiences be it fengshui or destiny reading is very very important.

Stay true to your own "gut feel" ok ?

Have a Happy Heng Heng Huat Huat Day and strike lottery tonight lah !!! 😙😙😙

Saturday, February 04, 2017

How was your Li Chun ?

Today, 5 February 2017 ( Sunday ) - Every Sunday without fail, I usually visit my parents staying at Sembawang Hills Estate, also a place I grew up in since I was about 9 years old.

Also a house where my mother invited an old male fengshui master to check this house which fasinated me such that when I grew up, I wanted to be Singapore's Fengshui Queen and the BEST !

Li Chun, techically was 3 February 2017 where we would visit the banks to deposit money so that fortune can grow. We had been doing this since 2005 where I started to share this secret concept with my participants who came to listen to my talks.

Each year, I would share a special one off Fengshui Queen SIngapore Tip to them. This year's tip is about the Roosters.

Here are 3 Fengshui Queen SG Tip just for you :
1) Diagonally opposite your house main door is a secondary wealth area . Place a laughing buddha or Chye Sen Yeh here for added good fortune. If not, you can place a treasure chest filled with only one dollar Singapore coins.

2) Ensure that your bedroom windows are opened at least once a week - to allow fresh qi to flow into the room then new happenings can come to you.

3) If good things happen on Li Chun day, then it means the year is going to be a smooth and lucky year !!!