Saturday, July 21, 2018

"4 Lotus flowers opening as when chanting Amituofo"

Photo taken on 5 July 2018 -   start work at 9.30am and finish  by 8pm.   Definately, a very long day in China ! But that means Lhamo (my dharma name) is very popular ! :))))))

"4 Lotus flowers opening as when chanting Amituofo"

Hi..........Yesterday, then I somehow managed to get back on track to do my one hour chanting on Amituofo. Eversince back from China, was either tired or simply wanting more time to watch and learn dharma that I did not keep to this schedule of chanting for one hour.

It is not easy. I try all methods. loudly then silently. 

Sometimes, chant loudly but eyes focusing on a single sharp corner of an object. 

Sometimes, close my eyes and do it but then focusing into space in front of me.

Or sometimes focussing on Amitabha Buddha himself.

Yesterday, after watching 12 hours of Chin Kong Fasi. 's talk on "Ta Shi Tze Pu Sar" , he taught one method of visualising 4 lotus flowers, green, yellow, red and white while chanting.

I tried this method yesterday and it was great !

I was able to chant Amituofo and at the same time visualise the 4 flowers and add one more thing. I at the same Time, opened the flowers each time I chant.

The trick here is : to give work to the mind.

When the mind has something to do,  less scattered thoughts can come in. This help me focus and concentrate on the lotus flowers and I can do pretty well. and time too pass quickly for me till I can reach one hour.

You may wish to try this method and see how you like it.

I learnt that there is no one perfect method of chanting. It is very personal. Hence try lah !!!

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