Thursday, July 19, 2018

My personal encounter with Amitabha Buddha !

My personal encounter with Amitabha Buddha !
A male client/friend gave me some dharma books together with a few book marks, some years back, maybe only one year ago.  One of the book mark was the one above.

As I was busy preparing the things that I need to bring to China, I accidentally left this bookmark downstairs.

It didn't dawn upon me as I am usually upstairs in my master bedroom reading or watching dharma in Youtube to learn more about buddhism. Then suddenly, I remembered ! Hei...where did I leave the bookmark ?

My heart felt a certain "guilt" and this really hit my "heart".

So I quickly went downstairs and true enough the book mark was lying on the shelf where I had placed.

I took the book mark and decided to put him elsewhere and standing so that I can 'pray' to him.

Because of this incident, now my heart has Amitabha.

Even when I close my eyes or do my chanting........he is now in my heart.

I said to myself : Amitabha really had a way to let me "feel" for him.

Even in China, most vegetarian restaurant that my clients bring me to - all had Amitabha and the two Dieties beside him. I was happily taking photos, bowing to them etc. I even took back one free  Chinese book on "Buddha speaks of Amitaba Sutra". 

And took two more and offered them to my two China friends !!! and this too.

This is the free Chinese booklet 

this has many mantras inside including the shurangama Mantra !!!

Yesterday, I learnt from Chin Kong Fa Si. that we are to chant "Buddha Speaks of Amitaba Sutra" 3,000 times first before we can embark on chanting "Amituofo". This is because then our mind is clean and heart more stable and have stronger faith to go to Amitabha's Pure Land.

My book arrived yesterday and will bring it to Kl to read !

And a few days ago .............before this incident happen, I finally dreamt of many many gold standing Amitabha Buddha. Now when I saw photos of many many Amitabhas standing and in gold, I can feel a strong connection. Am very happy that now I can finally feel a strong connection. Do you have any stories to tell ? why not post your stories below to let others know and learn from you. Got merits know ? ;)))))


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