Monday, August 05, 2019

Thank you, Sweetie Pie for a wonderful holiday in Perth, Australia !!!

Coming home - 20 July 2019

It is this song that kept singing in my MIND by itself ......Oh no !!! Jia Lat !!!

We took time out for a karaoke session in Australia !!!

It was a Friday and I was due to travel back tomorrow at 2pm flight. I asked my lady friend if she would like to go opposite our hotel and have a karaoke session and she was GAME. We had vegetarian lunch and then we went upstairs ...she booked a room and I recommended 2 hours. By the time, they were "warm" was time to go.

I helped them do the video recording and voice recording.......which is usually my forte. haha.

I decided to come here to think : when I go back to Singapore , will the songs keep singing on its own in my mind ? Can you guess ?

The answer is : Yes, it did. It took me a few days to clear it off and very hard work you better don't try !!!