Sunday, April 23, 2017

April Blesssings

Hi, today is 23 April 2017 Sunday - How are you ? I am just back from work and have a bit of free time so I decided to update my blog particularly my last year China Trip's photos.

It was enjoyable but I had to work very hard… they kept in the loop using WeChat.

I was looking at my last year's photo and me now…..Wow, big difference !!!

Firstly some clients told me that I had slimmed down while some said I put on weight. I don't know which is which……..but all I know is that I will keep on with my spiritual path to quickly develop enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings.

I am very glad to hear that some clients had also started taking full vegetarian on 1st and 15th day of the lunar month.

So, 26 April 2017 is 4th lunar month and 1st day…… going full day vegetarian ? Me going to take 8 precepts and do only one meal. hehe so no work on that day.

FengshuiQueen SG FS Notes: If you ever want to have more money….then do this : Offer a stack of real cash to the sky and visualize your preferred God or Buddha and then wish that : I offer this money to God/Buddha and may the merits of offering money to God/Buddha be dedicated to anyone who needs money in Singapore and around the world will be able to find money.

Heart Sutra

This is good for clearing negative karma, try playing this….

28 Nov-1st Dec, 2016 - Thank you for a wonderful China Trip !!!

Hotel Pullmen, Chang An, China - I usually stay here and love it !

FSQ Comment : This time, I stayed 4 days and 3 days as on two other days, I had to go another city and ShenZhen to do a factory fengshui and a house fengshui …..and after dinner then go back to Chang An,  9pm. It was quite cold and luckily my dad told me to bring a jacket to keep myself warm which I did ! ;)

As usual, we had good food and lots of champagne !!! I had my vegetarian food (no meat) :)))

Thank you for all your hospitality !!! I had a great time !!!

PS: Sorry for the late posting as I could not download my photos into my Mac Desktop as (photo album too full) ;)))

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Heart Sutra

Vesak Day is coming !!!

Today, 19 April 2017 - Going to work soon. How are you so far this year of the Rooster ? Hope you are fine and is going ok so far.

I would like to thank two clients for whataspp me during this week….. my birthday week and also telling me that they are glad that I had started writing again.

One long time lady client even tell me that every day without fail , she would visit my blog but there was no update as last year I did not write much and this year ….I started writing again. Wow ! I felt so guilty….

The other was a client from KL telling me she was happy to read my blog again and was impressed with my spiritual life. Thank you, sweetie !

Well….today I wanted to say is this : Vesak Day is coming !!!!

On 7 till 10 May 2017, come to the open ground next to Ajunied MRT station to do offerings like buy a big lotus candle or offer flowers or offer oil lamps or offer pujas especially for your children, very very good for their studies.

Every year, I go there to buy 6 or 7 biggest lotus candles for my parents and family members. These big big candles can burn for 2 to 3 days. One of my client now in China working also is coming back specially for Vesak Day to buy big big candles for his family members as he had been doing this for many years and it helped.

Vesak day is on the 10 May - so usually I go one day before as on Vesak Day I usually take my 8 Mahayana precepts and therefore is too weak to go out. So I usually stay home , watch Dhama,  mediate or simple sleep….hehe

This Vesak Day is organized by my Amitabha Buddhist Centre where I am a lifetime member, member since I think 1994 or 1995. Recently, I also go do Giro donations, monthly contribute to the Centre to help them in their activities.

I felt that this would help me connect to Mahayana Tradition though I wish to practice Tee Chang Wam Ta Fa Men as I have strong faith in this and particually because I dreamt of Tee Chang Wan and Venerable Hai Tao in September last year way before I know what Tee Chang Wan looks like……it was strange but it did happen. Once it happened, I felt a very close connection with Tee Chang Wan. Every time, I see Tee Chang Wan Image, I felt very very happy inside.

FSQ Fengshui Tip : Do not place knives or cutter hanging on the wall of your wealth area especially kitchen, hidden is ok. Otherwise can go for surgery. Be careful.

Thank you to the over 564 visitors to my blog yesterday. Really appreciate. Am grateful that you didn't forget me……will continue to write soon as I had shifted my big Mac desktop to another location so that it is easier for me to type :)