Tuesday, September 25, 2018

We can start practising this type of meditation.....by being "aware"

You can keep "asking this" until the bubble burst or push so hard till it burst ???

We are ONE with the Universe !!!

Diagram show a green human being with his own red energy and the dark brown lines show his bubble burst already and then combine with the purple lines of the Universe. Re-draw by Lynn 

On 15 September 2018 : Venerable Hong Bok drew this diagram (something like this) in his recent dharma talk. He said we are like this human being, so narrow in our mind. we always think of ourself. So now, we need to think of all Sentient Beings........

We need to burst our bubble then we are ONE with the Universe - That is why we need to practise these 141 vows so that there is no more self (our bubble burst already) then "no ego", "no self" and then we are ONE with the Universe.

The bubble need to burst as in the bubble in :

The Diamond Sutra - Chapter 32:
"Thus shall ye think of all these fleeting world
A star at dawn, a bubble in the stream
A flash of lighting in a summer's cloud
A flickering lamp, a fathom and a dream"

The bubble can burst when all conditions are met...........


The “sound of silence” is still here....it is like a “zzzzz” sound

When we achieved Shurangama Samadhi (because we managed to subdue the demon, the sound of silence appeared) 

Saturday, September 22, 2018

It is your True Mind who is listening to the "sound of silence" !!!


You too can learn how to get this "sound of silence" by listening more........it is like a background sound of silence "zzzzz"


Here are some photos of my vegetarian food this week !

Seafood Hor Fan from Asian Express Cafe, delivered by Grab Food

Today, ordered mushroom noodles from Green Dot, Nex delivered by Grab Food (collecting points to redeem vouchers for my future Grab Rides)

I like fried stuff so this one suits me...spicy nuggets !!!

Friday, September 21, 2018


The Flower Adornment Sutra - Chapter 11 - Pure Conduct

The Flower Adornment Sutra - Chapter 11 - Pure Conduct
After attending the class, I was given a set of notes. I use my mobile phone and took a photo of every piece of paper showing all the 141 vows. Here are some.......you can find it here.


I decided to screen shot a few important ones to remember or learn by heart. So it becomes like this :

My favourite one.....before sleeping say it and after waking up also say it if can remember.....

Another favourite one is this ......

Venerable Hong Pok taught us to do everything for "chong sen" for all sentient beings. 

When we do this, we are benefiting all sentient beings and not ourselves and therefore it can be faster for us to achieve enlightenment.......isnt it ?

When there is no "self" and no "I"...........what happens to you ? You become a Buddha isn't it or an enlightened one. Because you and the Universe are ONE. There is no more boundary....no line....and the true mind "comes out".

So we need to keep on practising this till we get the break through. I think for those whose "third eye" had fully opened are considered having "some" break thru............isn't it or not ??? Hmmm.......can discuss. 

"Sound of Silence" -

On 14 September 2018 Friday - I attended Venerable Hong Bok's dharma talk held at a temple here at 70, Lowland Road which is near to Yio Chu Kang road where I currently live. After I came home, I continued to watch Mooji's Youtube dharma talks. Here is Mooji's website.

Then on 15 September 2018 (Saturday), it was a full day class. Then on 16 September 2018, I skipped class to go to work.....hehe but when I came home....I continued to watch and follow the     
"live" Facebook videos till all the 141 vows were completed.

This photo was taken at the back of the temple

Then I continued to meditate following Mooji's method and by 19 September 2018 night time around 2am when I woke up and then I decided to meditate. This date, I meditated for one and half hours. Then I decided to sleep and then I heard something......it sound like "zzzzz"....all the time. I thought maybe something with my ear.

The next morning when I woke up...the sound is still there. Then it dawn upon me...hei ! Maybe this is what is called "the sound of silence". Wow !!! Hei....wait a minute......sound like this one meh ? "zzzzzzz" 

Any body heard any thing ? when every where is silent ? you still can hear something.......woh !!!

Then tonight I have time so I decided to re listen to Ajahn Sumedho "sound of silence" to double confirm.

It is ok...when you are working...you don't focus on it....it is ok....only when you call and listen closely it appears again. Jialat.........don't know good or bad.

Today, I was going down to Tanglin Shopping Centre.....

I took a closer look at the photo and I saw rainbow at my head. Can you "see" that too ?

21 September 2018 (Friday) - Today, I was going down to Tanglin Shopping Centre.....then as usual....I would take a selfie. I took the above shot first and didn't notice anything. Then I decided to take another photo and then this happened !!!!

Photo taken today around 9am

I was taken aback by the presence of more light and in particular the pink/red light around my right eye !!! Hmmm........

Then I went home and did a WhatsApp review with a lady client and that is the end of a day's work.

The meditation method I currently used : Mooji's method of asking :"Who am I?"......sometimes I also asked "Where is the original face before the current father and mother ?"......I kept on asking....and asking.