Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Thank you for the 588 page views today !!!

I remembered to take a video of my hotel room before I messed them up !!! hehe

Here comes the short video clips that I took using Iphone xs Max - Just reached Delhi 11pm 7 Nov 2019

Day 2 - On the bus and we stop for toilet break at this place !!!

This is time. I decided to enjoy myself and come what may......not sure my body  can take it only as I am someone who hardly walk a lot.

I must take this photo with the 6 sided pool !!! fengshui lah !!!

Wah...stylo milo walking got friend take my photo. Thank you, Lucy !!!

This is my holiday feeling !!! to show my parents that I am enjoying myself ....but actually sit  6 hours in the bus one hor. If you cannot must train yourself or challenge yourself, ok ? please go to India, once in your lifetime ok ?? I have been a few times liao.......Bodgaya, I think I have been 3 times liao.

In this India trip, I made many friends and in particularly Lucy whom we also contacted after the trip where I buy them  snacks because I finish work at 3pm but I was late that day and asked them to start eating to come much later.

The seat in the bus-I like to sit right at the back and look at the sky as the bus speed off the road......when our journey is 6 hours, the bus will stop 2 1/2 hour later for toilet break and then continue for another 2 hours then reach the place where we are going. Do you know that I left my watch at home and didnt even wear one ? it is because I don't have another watch....was planning to buy an Apple Watch but was too busy working and no time to get one. So soon....I will get one. This journey, I saw some buddhists wear their Rolex watches too eh.....

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Day 1 - We reached the Hotel in India - Group photo before we set out to visit the first place !

We reached the Hotel in India and a very nice one ! we went to visit a place first then rested, woke up at 4am, have breakfast at 5am and 6 am the bus leave with all of our lunges and us .....6 hours in the bus to go to the next destination.

I could take this momentum but on Day 8, my body felt cold and I could not go on and needed rest I went to sit in the bus while they visited Nalanda Monastery and the rest.......... total I counted I missed 4 visits. 

My thoughts on my recent "India and Nepal 2019" Pilgrimage -

My thoughts on my recent "India and Nepal 2019" Pilgrimage -

I had signed up for the trip, paid the money which costs over S$3k as I intend to sleep alone in all the 10 days that was in the trip - my only luxury that I have given to myself.

I had been to most of the sites before hence I was not really looking forward to this trip until my client sent me flowers to my office to wish me a good trip to India. I cried when I read the message on the card. 

I have no friends there and all are Hi Hi friends that I met during classes with Venerable Hong Bok. So I was not really looking forward to this trip. In fact there was a day that I wished that I had come back already. that I was home liao. Can you imagine that kind of feeling when you haven gone for the trip and yet you wished that you are home and happily being at home and "Naur" (hokkien for lazy) ???

The flowers brought me inspiration and I told myself. No, I cannot be like this. People take the trouble to buy flowers to wish you a good trip. You must at least look forward to the trip and enjoy the trip. That was the turning point of my outlook change and I began to look forward to my this coming trip.

On hindsight , maybe the Buddha up there knows "my Kuan" and sent somebody to send  me flower to wake me up ! haha.....

So here goes......

My new "Meditation House" (bought already, collecting keys on 9 March 2020) is here at Suites@PayaLebar !!! Am moving closer to Nex !!!

Thank you for visiting my blog when I was in India and Nepal recently !!! I am back !!!

Thank you for the Gifts !!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Packing to go to India and Nepal in November 2019 for 11 days -

Packing to go to India and Nepal in November 2019 - 
These days other than work, when I come home, I have to check what other items that I need to bring for my India and Nepal trip. Plus Sifu, Venerable Hong Bok said that we are to wear all white when in Bodgaya for the 3days there. 

Where in the world can I find white pants or even white skirt ? T-shirts I can buy from UNI QLO which I did. So one day while doing my hair extension at Far East Plaza, I chanced upon a shop that sells nice clothes so I walked in and asked do you have white pants ? and the lady there took out a nice white pants with elastic waist band that can stretch as I am quite a big Size lady not the slim slim kind lah !!! 

So I tried and it fits woh !!! so I bought it. it is quite transparent a bit lah. but in India...not going for fashion don't bother as long as the colour is right. can liao lah. Then I source in Q10 as I like to order things from them because there is a comment column where I can tell the supplier to bring the item up to the condo that I am currently staying and leave the item on the house front door. 

Yeah........makes my shopping so much easier. I dislike going to Post office to pick it up as I have to call a taxi spend money to there and spend money back home. Online shopping is not meant that way, right ?? So I continue to do my shopping as I haven't bought the things I want to bring for my India trip.

I want to shoot a nice video of sifu and the places that I visit but I am not good in that. So I guess I have to give this a miss. maybe sifu got hire some of his students/followers to shoot video more professionally like during his talks. so I have to be contented to being an actress liao.

Well as time gets nearer I am getting excited.....I have been to most of the places before so this is my second time and I have to tell everywhere I go. this is my last and final time on earth and I am not coming back. I am going to Nirvana liao. This trip to me is to say Goodbye to all these nice places.........or when destiny allows and bring me back a third time ? who knows. I don't wish to dream about this. But I do wish to recite my mandarin Hua Yan Jin in Bodgaya if I have the time, maybe I might be given another great big gift !!! I don't know.....see how loh !!!!   :))))))

A shirt video clip I took some month back.....Enjoy !!!