Sunday, April 22, 2018

More Photos of Commonwealth Towers !

Today, 23 April 2018 (Monday) - Good Morning !!!

 In Grab Car on way home....took this photo !

Today, 23 April 2018 (Monday) - Good Morning !!! going to work soon....hope that you have a lovely day and week !!

FSQ TIP : Never argue with anyone. It can cause you to lose your luck and then the whole day the luck is bad. Becareful ! When that happens, you better go take a whole day of vegetarian in order to cleanse your luck.


Saturday, April 21, 2018

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9 Reasons on why we should meditate ?

9 Reasons on why we should meditate ?  
1) Firstly, meditation helps you to calm your mind. That way, you can have lesser scattered thoughts.

2) When you have lesser scattered thoughts, you become mindful. Being mindful means you can remember things that you had done in that day alone or past one week or more even.

3) When you are mindful, there is mind power. This means that your mind is not tired. Therefore you can concentrate very well and if you are studying, you can study well and remember the text book. If you are at work, you can do many many tasks and yet not feel tired. The mind is not tired. 

4) When you have the mind power, your mind is calm and your feelings are good and calm too. Therefore, every little small incident will not make you angry. So anger is gone or very little. If you can still feel angry that means that your mindfulness is not "powerful" enough. Need to work on it ........until one day you are no longer feeling angry but instead you feel happy or even joy.

Why is it that it is no good for you to feel angry ? it is because when someone always scold you at work or at home and is for "nothing".......your negative karma will ripen and therefore it is very good merits for you. You are one step nearer to becoming a Buddha.

However, inside your mind, you cannot scold that person back or else you get negative points or get bad karma. This is why you should not get angry back at the person.

"Whatever thoughts you have in your mind, can manifest"
Meaning that they can come true for you especially when you are walking on the rightful path.

So if in your mind, you are scolding him/her back and giving all sorts of reasons saying why you didn't do it and is not you. All these are bad thoughts and got karma one.

Lhamo discovered that the best way to NOT have these bad thoughts is to turn into chanting. Silently chant "Ah Mi Tio Fo" and this helps your mind to be focussed on this chanting and soon that person will stop scolding you, The scolding stops because you are silently chanting "Ah Mi Tio Fo" in your mind. hehe

Try works.

5) The more mindful you become, soon you will reach a stage of "Samadhi".  When this happens, stay in that stage and don't do anything wrong.........because if you do, you can lose it. Then it becomes very hard to get back to that stage again.

When you are a stage of "Samadhi",  people call it, Buddha Nature. Your mind is at a stage of rest. And to only way to stop it from having scattered thoughts is to keep chanting silently "Ah Mi Tio Fo".

So when your mind is chanting ...........this is not considered as scattered thoughts and therefore you are still considered to be at "Samadhi" stage.

You will know........once you reach this stage. It is a very, very calm and happy feeling.

6) When you reached "Samadhi" will have to wait for the big "bang" to happen so that you can then become a Buddha.

7) However, if you do not know what is happening to you, you get scared then it goes away. And it becomes very hard to get it back again. May take some time. Hence at this stage, you will need to be mindful of every little step that you take and do. Then can get back into "Samadhi".

8) The ultimate aim of doing mediation is to go into "Samadhi" and then to become a Buddha and in that manner, you can be out of the cycle of death and birth, Samsara. 

9) You will no longer need to be reborn back as a human to suffer in life or reborn as a cat or dog or even birds. You will become a Buddha and when you passed on, you will go to Amitabha's Pure Land.

FSQ NOTE: Lhamo may not have written the best reasons on why you should go into meditation....but these thoughts came to mind and so Lhamo just type them out.


Sharing........something from my Root Guru !