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Today, 21 October 2017 (Saturday) 12.39 am -

Today, 21 October 2017 (Saturday) 12.39am - Just woke decided to write something so that my clients/fans have something to read when they wake up the next morning.

When you have these kind thoughts in your heart, it means that you are compassionate. Can you develop your own kind thoughts in your heart for your children , your parents or even your friends ? Anyone whom you meet ?

Yesterday, I took Grab car to First Centre, the driver said he was very very new and helped me with my big luggage and put it in the booth and drove me to office. He was not sure of which button to you can see that he was really a new Grab driver. 

I saw that and during the journey I chanted Yellow Jambala Mantra to be dedicated to all Grab, Uber and Taxi Drivers in Singapore as well as in the world for them all to find money today. Seems like I know a few other chants. 

Yes, I also know Medicine Buddha Chant, Green Tara Chant too. I..... buddhist for over 23 years liao lah !!! also had a few initatations too. All these can help you when you gain enlightenment by seeing the True Mind.And try to use the True Mind all the time by being here in the present moment, every time. Yes, a bit difficult but the more you breath and practise and if you chant Shurangama Mantra, very fast can get enlightenment. I was told need to chant this 7 times a day.

If you know of any chant, then chant the only chant that you know and also can dedicate merits to these drivers or to any persons that you had met and who needed help.

I forgot I got another client for 2018 readings and this client gave me "lemon" hehe....thank you !!!

Photo shows - the Olive Fried Rice (SHU Vegetarian) which was in their popularity list and today I decided to try..........quite nice !!! have that kind of "fried rice" flavour......if you know what I mean. Feeling hungry just by looking at this photo ? hehe.

Control your emotions the same way you control your hunger pangs. Ever felt very very hungry that anything you also want to eat ? yes.....I had that feeling when I was on my 8 Mahayana Precepts. When I first started taking this.....after 12 noon, I cannot eat and therefore would be very very hungry especially on Vesak Day and therefore I usually read a book or go and sleep.

After that the hours passed on and very soon, it will be morning at 6am where you can have the first bite again.

Every year on Vesak Day, I would take the 8 Mahayana Precepts and stay at home. This year, also on Vesak Day I did and then  did a few more 8 Mahayana Precepts, I lost count liao........cannot tell lies right ? so cannot remember how maybe got 5 to 6 times. Then I also discovered that drinking ginger tea at 4pm  I don't feel so hungry after drinking the tea and therefore it was much more bearable these past  few sessions.

I took these 8 Mahayana Precepts because I felt that I need to cleanse away all my past life time karma and many other karmas .........then I can quickly become a Buddha. Then that way, I won't be coming back to samsara liao.

On Youtube - recently I saw a few interesting Youtube and decided to listen to them as they were in English. There are some which I shared with you are the nicer ones. Of course, feel free to listen to others.

I also tried to get some of Ajahn Braham's interesting Youtube videos so that you can get to listen to  the juicer, more interesting ones or rather those that I had heard.

Actually....... being a true Buddhist is not suppose to have any comments ;))))

Was listening to this......

Today, 20 October 2017 (Friday) 07.49pm -

Today, 20 October 2017 (Friday) 7.49pm - home now and watching Youtube on some dharma......quite nice so I share some with you. It had been a long day and therefore I would like to meditate now and then go to bed.

Received this today....thank you !!!

Talk to you tomorrow...........and make sure you meditate or chant !!! 

Sharing........True Mind !

Sharing..........something from 2017 !

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Mui Fan from SHU Vegetarian !!!

Here at Simei Green ....

Thank you to the 2,439 visitors to this blog, yesterday !!!

A male client gave me this.....thank you !!!

Today, 20 October 2017 (Friday) 8.59am - Good Morning !!! Today, going down to Simei to check fengshui then to office for a personal review for 2018. Blog later......

FSQ Note : Every day try to do one good deed, ok ? For me if I am early at the location then I would chant the Surangama Mantra 18 mins there and then dedicate merits away.

While at home before I go out, I try to chant 21 times the Shurangama Heart Mantra then I go out......then the whole day would be very very smooth for me. You want to try ? or just chant 7times ??? ;)))))

Saw this in Facebook then search for it in Youtube so that I can share this lovely video !!!



Listening to this now.......