Saturday, July 21, 2018

"4 Lotus flowers opening as when chanting Amituofo"

Photo taken on 5 July 2018 - had to do 3 condos,  start work at 9.30am and finish  by 8pm.   Definately, a very long day in China ! But that means Lhamo (my dharma name) is very popular ! :))))))

"4 Lotus flowers opening as when chanting Amituofo"

Hi..........Yesterday, then I somehow managed to get back on track to do my one hour chanting on Amituofo. Eversince back from China, was either tired or simply wanting more time to watch and learn dharma that I did not keep to this schedule of chanting for one hour.

It is not easy. I try all methods. loudly then silently. 

Sometimes, chant loudly but eyes focusing on a single sharp corner of an object. 

Sometimes, close my eyes and do it but then focusing into space in front of me.

Or sometimes focussing on Amitabha Buddha himself.

Yesterday, after watching 12 hours of Chin Kong Fasi. 's talk on "Ta Shi Tze Pu Sar" , he taught one method of visualising 4 lotus flowers, green, yellow, red and white while chanting.

I tried this method yesterday and it was great !

I was able to chant Amituofo and at the same time visualise the 4 flowers and add one more thing. I at the same Time, opened the flowers each time I chant.

The trick here is : to give work to the mind.

When the mind has something to do,  less scattered thoughts can come in. This help me focus and concentrate on the lotus flowers and I can do pretty well. and time too pass quickly for me till I can reach one hour.

You may wish to try this method and see how you like it.

I learnt that there is no one perfect method of chanting. It is very personal. Hence try lah !!!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Good Morning !!!

Yesterday, I spent the whole day taking 8 Mahayana Precepts and watched Dharma in Youtube the whole day long. Spent time taking an afternoon nap too. How was your day ?

Today, now getting ready to go for later if have time ;))))

In the meantime, enjoy the videos that I had taken, ok ? taken early morning, 6am plus of 5 July 2018 then going to work first before leaving Shenzhen in a 2 hours drive later in the evening to Dongguang, ChangAn.



Thursday, July 19, 2018

My personal encounter with Amitabha Buddha !

My personal encounter with Amitabha Buddha !
A male client/friend gave me some dharma books together with a few book marks, some years back, maybe only one year ago.  One of the book mark was the one above.

As I was busy preparing the things that I need to bring to China, I accidentally left this bookmark downstairs.

It didn't dawn upon me as I am usually upstairs in my master bedroom reading or watching dharma in Youtube to learn more about buddhism. Then suddenly, I remembered ! Hei...where did I leave the bookmark ?

My heart felt a certain "guilt" and this really hit my "heart".

So I quickly went downstairs and true enough the book mark was lying on the shelf where I had placed.

I took the book mark and decided to put him elsewhere and standing so that I can 'pray' to him.

Because of this incident, now my heart has Amitabha.

Even when I close my eyes or do my chanting........he is now in my heart.

I said to myself : Amitabha really had a way to let me "feel" for him.

Even in China, most vegetarian restaurant that my clients bring me to - all had Amitabha and the two Dieties beside him. I was happily taking photos, bowing to them etc. I even took back one free  Chinese book on "Buddha speaks of Amitaba Sutra". 

And took two more and offered them to my two China friends !!! and this too.

This is the free Chinese booklet 

this has many mantras inside including the shurangama Mantra !!!

Yesterday, I learnt from Chin Kong Fa Si. that we are to chant "Buddha Speaks of Amitaba Sutra" 3,000 times first before we can embark on chanting "Amituofo". This is because then our mind is clean and heart more stable and have stronger faith to go to Amitabha's Pure Land.

My book arrived yesterday and will bring it to Kl to read !

And a few days ago .............before this incident happen, I finally dreamt of many many gold standing Amitabha Buddha. Now when I saw photos of many many Amitabhas standing and in gold, I can feel a strong connection. Am very happy that now I can finally feel a strong connection. Do you have any stories to tell ? why not post your stories below to let others know and learn from you. Got merits know ? ;)))))



Going to KL on 26 July to 28 July 2018 with friends - going for bone setting hehe

Photo taken today at the pool......

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


There was a day when a lady client came to visit me in my office and we spoke about my blog. She thanked me for writing articles about buddhism in which she learnt a lot. She can only listen to the English speaking ones.....but nevertheless, I said to her, it is a good start.

Then I introduced her to what I am practising and is on Chanting "Amituofo". In fact, when I was in China, every day after breakfast and sometimes before going to bed, I would chant out loud a few mins only as I was quite tired and usually sleep at 8.30pm in China. But I would get up early say at 3.30am or sometimes at 4.30am then I do my meditation or chant.

So I uttered to her that I do not know the name of the other Diety beside Amitabha's right side. That very evening.........I chanced upon Chin Kong FaSi in Youtube talking about Dar Shi Zhi Pu Sar. Then I went to Google to find out the English name of Dar Shi Zhi Pu Sar.

I found out that that is the name of the Buddha on Amitabha's right side !!! I was so surprised but very happy.

After that I did a search on her Chinese name in You tube and found that actually there is another article about her in Shuranagama Sutra and her chanting "Fa Men" .

This Dar Shi Zhi Pu Har advocate chanting Amituofo !!!!

While Guan Yin Pu Sar  on Amitabha's left side advocate the "Ear faculty" theory (Using the ear to help us get enlightened quickly).........all of which was to help us achieve Buddhahood in this life time !!!

Wow !!! I am amazed and am now watching the chapter I and Chapter II, each 6 hours long. very long but the teachings are really good and clear. So if you are on this Fa Men, you really need to watch this and learn. They are really really GOOD !!!

Sharing......I (this is good information for those in 念佛法门)


Monday, July 16, 2018

16 July 2018 - Some photos taken at The Adana@Thomson

Was here waiting for Grab to go home.....

Got car but at my parents' place at 100 Jalan Kuras.........very nearby. Selling the car too next year am prepared to give up my bid car number SCY (got two of my chinese initials) plate. "Everything let go" have zero debt. That is my plan and to go temple after that. Love to own a Tesla Model X in Singapore with the Falcon doors.....and sexy roof top..... but I think going to be very X (maybe S$700k to S$800k) (client told me the price) (more expensive than my half a million condo) and same price can buy a 2 bedroom freehold condo ( I think can find) better drop this idea and don't dream !!! hehe

Nice, brand new seats - probably the first fengshui master to ever sat here ! :))))

The Sun's ray peeked in......and gave it a "Wow" !!!

Sat at the new seats in the Pavilion , waiting for time. Photo taken yesterday, 16 July 2018 - The Turning of the Wheel 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sixth Patriach Hui Neng - The Platform Sutra

When my male client told me he went to Sixth Patriach's temple to stay for one night......I gasped and said Hui Neng !!! The client was very impressed after that as I heard many officials like to go to this temple and stay one night. I really, really want to go and meditate there or do my chanting there.

Today, 16 July 2018 (Monday) -

Photo taken yesterday on way to my parents' house

Today, 16 July 2018 (Monday) - Today is Wheel Turning Day. It is the day when Buddha first gave his teachings on the Four Noble Truths at Sarnath, India, years years ago. So today is a very auspicious day hence some obtain keys to their new house and want fengshui done while others need help too.

Well.......since back from China, Lhamo had been busy with work and at the same time, needed time to go massages to get her body back into shape.

It seem that each time, after you have travelled, the body energy go hay wire. So far, the best Lhmao tried was cupping as cupping was able to remove the heatyness inside the body and one lady client commented that my skin got darker. China's Sun lah ! hehe are you ? fine, I hope. I know.......not suppose to use the word "I"...but sometimes quite difficult to communicate the feelings down.

So.......if you can, today go full vegetarian or do good deeds or do your chanting "Amituofo" also good. Go website and do a small donation also good. 

One of the best thing that happened during this trip was - I found Sixth Patriach Hui Neng's temple in China and we promised next year to visit and to stay one night there. I want to make a strong connection with Hui Neng. I felt that this Sifu can help me.

Ever since.......a male client told us of Hui Neng's temple in nam far sze (got the address in Google) when I was leaving China, and when I visualise Hui Neng in my mind, I could feel strong compassion and tears roll down my cheeks. I was very happy to have made a first connection with Hui Neng.

Actually this trip to China, I did ask my friends in China whether we can go and visit his temple. They did search and found out that the temple is a 4 hours drive but they didn't tell me. If they told me....I would have stayed longer in China just to go to this temple. Well.....maybe the timing isn't right and it is meant for next year. So I will wait and in the meantime, I read more about Hui Neng so that I can share my thoughts with my China friends next time.

I went to to buy this dark blue colour book on Sixth Patriach, Hui Neng. as I felt that there are many things inside this book to read and in the meantime was to go to Youtube to listen...more.

What I truly wanted was to form a strong connection with Hui Neng and hoped that he will appear in my dream. So far........not yet. But most important of all, I want to go make a bow to Sixth Patriach Hui Neng and then call him "Sifu".

So that...maybe he can help me more with my practice.

But first, I need to practise what he taught in his book and he said we need to speak in darkness and brightness. Up and Down. like that.

Nex time, when clients ask about dharma, I shall try to speak like this........then can become Hui Neng disciples. I don't know why....but ever since I got to know about Hui Neng, I read all about him ....his ebook and didn't put it down till I finished the last page......many many hours. The passion was so strong.

Hei !.......maybe you also like Hui Neng too.

So far, Lhamo own 4 of The Platform Sutra book and my 5th one carry until can buy so many but different author so can read different interpretation of Hui Neng's teachings.

Ok......stop here. Gotta go to work !!! Have a Happy & Blessed Day !!!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Photos taken on 6 July 2018 - Going home

At T3, very cold....because inside the Airport for many hours. Did not bring a windbreaker....don't have one either. ......gotta  go and buy one. so Lhmao only wear this cashmere pull over bought from Winter Times before the trip.

Was very fortunate to travel back via the new airport T2 Quangzhou, China back to SG

Must take selfie me and Pullman Hotels.....had been staying here each time, am here in Dongguan, China. Very Nice.

Photos taken on 4 July 2018 - Going to Shenzhen !

Leaving Lady Client's factory and going in a Tesla to Shenzhen !!! (heard it is two hours drive) That is why need to stay one night in Castle Hotel, Shenzhen otherwise cannot complete the hectic work schedule. 

Lady Client brought me here for vegetarian lunch once we reached Shenzhen. How do you eat this Japanese seaweed wrap vegetarian ? I start with the smallest side and progress to the bigger side. Correct or not ? Lhamo see people in China eat with the bigger portion first......

This soup is nice....didnt take many photos because I am "shy"

Look at the wooden portion of the chopstick. They change this for every dine in keep it hygiene.