Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Today 20 June 2017 :

Hi Today is 20 June 2017 - Monday - How are you ? we are now into the 5th Lunar Month and some of us may not like this month……well, I don't quite like this month….nevertheless we will get by !

On Dharma : I am now into Chan Master Sheng Yen's Chan Buddhism and currently learning how to mediate using Hua Tou which is "What is Wu ?" I keep on saying that when ever I am meditating. I did see results on the 15day of the 5th lunar month and intend to keep it going.

Since 2 June this year onwards, I had decided to put much effort into my mediation. Hence, the min that I wake up, I meditate (usually about one hour) and another hour before I go to bed. I usually sit on the hard portion of the edge of the bed there and meditate.

On Fengshui Case Studies : Frogs or Toads bring Good Fortune to everyone. Therefore when you travel overseas next time, buy a wooden or a porcelain frog or toad back. It is liken to bringing wealth from overseas back to your house !!! ;)))

Fengshui Queen Singapore Tip : Where there is water, good fortune is there…….

Friday, June 16, 2017

Master Sheng Yen

Gaining Enlightenment….

Encounter with Master Sheng Yen

Hi, Today is 16 June 2017 - Hi….how do you like my two postings on "Chin Kang Chin" ? I heard that if you can understand this Sutra, you will soon be on the way to enlightenment.

Today, I would like to share with you about my encounter with Master Sheng Yen :
It all began last year when I chanced upon Venerable Hai Tao's Youtube videos on Dharma Teachings. He kept talking about "Tee Chang Chin" and so one day, I searched and watched this Youtube. 

First time I played was about last year July 2016 and I could feel my third eye moving. Therefore I know that I had recited this chin in my previous life. I also could sense that I was a male in my previous lifetime.

Eversince that day, every day when I come home from work, I would play the "Tee Chang Chin" on Youtube and also in my office when I have the one hour free time as this Sutra takes up an hour. It is quite a long "Chin".

It was only on 21 December 2016, a day before the rooster (22 December) that one of my client's sister whom I know rather well, fell very ill (lost consciousness) that I decided to recite Tee Chang Chin for the first time !!!

Oh…..the experience was indeed unforgettable ! Then thereafter whenever it was 1st or 15th day of the lunar month, I would try to recite it. Some of you may know of my other experiences with Tee Chang Chin in my Facebook….. :)))

Then I sort to find Fa Shi who could explain Tee Chang Chin to me…hence you can see so many Fa Shi speak on Tee Chang Chin…..almost all of them I watched. I was very very hard working !!!

I also heard Master Sheng Yen's explanation of Tee Chang Chin but it did not catch my attention until I watched Master Sheng Yen's explanation on "Chin Kang Chin" and it was so fantastic that I decided that he was going to be my sifu !!!

So I continued to watch his YouTube videos and on Vesak Day this year, bought 3 ebooks, currently bought 4 books and ordered 4 more books from Amazon. Below is one of the book, I ordered as I like to read about the Sutras of Ning Heng as he can help us gain Sudden Enlightment.

The above 3 are the ebooks that I had bought during Vesak Day 2017 -

Currently, I do not have any photo of Master Sheng Yen yet to show you but he is now on my mind, most of the time. I learned many things from him, like taking vows and so I already did 4 vows. One of which was to go to Pure Land !!! that means that I must chant "Ai Mi To Fo" every day and every time and even during sleep !!!!

Then when I discovered that Master Sheng Yen had passed on…..yes, it did sadden my heart for a while but I sort out his disciples and one of them shared in Youtube on how to gain enlightenment and how it was like…..I shall share this video with you later.

When I first saw Master Sheng Yen's photo, tears  rolled down my cheeks……it was tears of compassion and I knew that Master Sheng Yen probably did a compassionate vow that whoever saw his photo or heard of his name could all feel "compassion"

Subsequently, I dreamt of him wearing grey color robes walking in with all his monks and I was already inside the temple. So far…..this was the only dream I had of him.

I also sort out Podcast and listened to some of his Darma Heirs and I wished to become like them too.

One question before I go ……
Do you know where is your mind ?

Friday, June 09, 2017

How to meditate ?

Hi, Today is 10 June 2017 - Saturday. Going to work later as my appointments today are all in the afternoon. So therefore I decided to write my blog.

Today, I am going to share with you on Meditation : How do I meditate ?

6 simple steps :

1) Find a nice cosy spot of your house where you think, you can sit for one hour or two without any one disturbing you.

2) Next, try to sit half lotus with right leg over left or left leg over right. For me because I am into "Tee Chang Wan" therefore when I cross, right leg over left, I can sit and mediate longer. If for some reason, you find it difficult to sit semi lotus then do full sitting on a chair or on edge of the bed.

For some clients, I share with them lying down meditation before sleeping is quite good as it helps you get to sleep ! ;))) rather than doing the actual meditation. 

If you are into serious meditation then your back needs to be upright and not lying down.

3) Now, relax the head, the eyes, nose etc till the whole body….focus on telling them to relax.

4) Then say the motivation of this mediation : just say that you hope to become a better person and to be calmer and more relaxed at the work place or in your life.

5) Next : is to bring your mind onto your nose : breath in and imagine white positive energy flowing into the body. Then breath out and imagine black negative qi flowing out of the body and count as 1. Then breath in and breath out and count as 2 till 10 then start 1 again.

When you first start to learn how to meditate, it can be quite difficult to train the scattering mind ….but do not fret or get upset over it. It is like this. Last time when I first learn to meditate, after 3 breaths only then I start to think….oh tomorrow go where, wear what dress etc…

We call these thoughts. for a start, once you note that you are "thinking" then quickly bring your mind back to the breath and start counting again. This is training the mind. Every small step you do, helps. Don't say that you are not getting anywhere….many of us take 10, 20 years of meditating to get to where we are…..

6) We usually sit until the leg starts to cramp then we come out of the mediation. After this, you may shift your leg and continue mediating if you wish or stop. Once you have decided to stop, we will need to dedicate the merits away….You may dedicate merits to your existing parents or children or even yourself as well as to all sentient beings.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Enjoy !!

FSQ Notes on 18 May 2017 :

Hi Today is 18 May 2017 (Thursday) - Today, I went down to Choa Chu Kang Crescent to help a client check a can or cannot buy Fengshui.

Now…I am home and decided to write my blog and update it and to share some interesting fengshui cases that I had done over the past 20 years of my career in fengshui and bazi readings.
Some people said that I have too many clients now over the years…I don't know if there are that many but those who are my clients I am responsible to them.

On Dharma : Every time before you eat your vegetarian meal, you are to say a little prayer first. Do you know how to say it ? If you don't know then just dedicate the merits to "chong sen" (all sentient beings).

My list is quite long de so when I share my list with some of my clients (those who asked only ) after listening to it, they tend to ask…can I shorten the list ? and I laughed, yes !! of course !! Then I know most of my clients don't like to chant long phrases only short ones or dedicate meals also want short short ones !! :))))

On Fengshui Case Studies : There was once I went to do fengshui for a shophouse….its is for an office and their office is located on the second floor of this particular shophouse. I can sense that this office wasn't that clean. 

So when I was there…I just did my work but I did suggest to my corporate client to hang a painting with a nice house lots of trees and beautiful flowers in the garden. Inside the house, must have a queen size bed, a television in the living room and nice sofas to sit on. Then I left…..

Do you know the meaning of this painting and why like that ?

Fengshui Queen Singapore Note : Ideally there should be no beam above sofa in the living room as a beam above would represent "work pressure". This can include all beams in the whole house. That is why we like the ceilings to be flat and the floor to be flat too.

That way, Qi flow would be smooth, isn't it ? makes sense ? :)))

Enjoy !!

Your dining table represent your career !!!

Today, 17 May 2017 (Wednesday) - One lady client brought me to Pan Pacific Hotel to have lunch and yes, it is vegetarian for me, followed by her son's annual review for 2018.

On Dharma : One of the best method to start is to learn how to meditate. You can Google or Yahoo search for any teachers who teaches meditation without any religion if you wish or get one who teaches in a Buddhist temple etc  depending on your faith.

On Fengshui Case Studies:

This time,  I want to talk about dining table - this table represent your career and therefore the more solid the table, the better the career. And also, the longer the table is (that is can sit 10 persons) the better your career.

Most of the time, I recommend a 6 seater then when clients moved to a bigger house, we get a 8 seater one etc.

For those who uses the 6 seater dining table, then I recommended that they also eat in the kitchen and eat at the living room that way, they can have 3 dining tables !!! hehe :)))

The material of the table also mattered. Therefore, we will need to check the clients' bazi (bb) and then see if wooden or marble table is the best for them.

Fengshui Queen Singapore Note : The kitchen represents your career too in particular the stove which represents fire. Hence, no water elements directly opposite the stove. Therefore, do not have a sink or fridge or washing machine directly facing the stove.

If not then the water will reduce the stove which is fire element and therefore the fire element can extinguish…..