Monday, October 22, 2018

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Third Eye Meditation - just sharing my thoughts

Coffee session with Goodwood Park Hotel's famous durain puffs !!! yes, I usually prefer black coffee with a bit of sugar. 

Recently, every day, I would find time to do one time third eye meditation following the youtube session and yesterday I was able to see in the red colour......someone using two hands to play drums. Not sure what I will see today.........

Also I could feel my whole body "chak chak" like !!!

22, 23, 24 October 2018 are GREAT DAYS TO MEDITATE !!!

Today, 21 October 2018 (Sunday) - Hi........yesterday I was in office to do life readings then followed by a wedding date selections. Thank you all for coming !!! They were great sessions !!!

Today, 21 October 2018, I will going to office for some great sessions too !!! ;))))

What I would like to say in this blog is that - 22, 23, 24 October 2018 are GREAT DAYS TO MEDITATE !!! Therefore, if you can ....meditate 10 mins in the morning, lunch time and evening. This can help you to align yourself to nature and the Universe !!!

Anyone wants to attend Venerable Hong Bok's retreat session ???

Thursday, October 18, 2018

What is Kundalini ?

Photo taken today when I went out to work -

I posted this photo in Instagram ......look at the white light above ...

See that patch of white energy at my head ! ?  Don't know what is that .....hope it is good !!!  ;))))

Sharing.....can follow too !!!