Friday, October 02, 2015

My Xiamen, China Trip - 17 to 19 September 2015

My Corporate Client arranged Business Class Tickets to Xiamen, China and a nice Hotel for me. Two full days work and evening dinner !!!

Woke up at 4.30am and yet can still find time to read a book before plane lands in Xiamen, China

This trip I stayed in Crowne Plaza Hotel newly opened this year !

My bed for two nights !!! very nice !!!

View from my Hotel Room - luckily got wi fi so can play Hay Day and go Facebook !!!
During dinner on my first night, we played a game called "Zhuang Yuan" and I threw and got this - 5 "Fours" and was declared the winner for the night !!!

Xiamen, China Trip - Part 1 - Dinner

First night, 17 Sept 2015 - dinner was here. My first time here.

Special chicken can stand de !

Quite nice food Yummy !!! I think you must also come here and try lah !!!

Lovely Prawn !!!

Group Photo taken on 17 September 2015

Xiamen, China Trip - Part 2 - Lunch

If you ever come to Xiamen, must come here to have lunch or dinner !!! - Shu You Restaurant

Our room number : 9 

Nice big table for just 4 of us, having lunch meeting 

Salmon Sashimi has now become our famous starter dish 

Chicken dish also usually a must !

They know that I like prawns so every meal has a prawn !!! Yummy !!!

Must eat "mee sue" in Xiamen for long life and good health !!!

Xiamen Poh Piah - for 4 of us 

Xiamen, China Trip - Part 3 - Dinner

My favorite mango pudding dessert

Group Photo taken on 18 Sept 2015